Not even good enough for the friendzone?

My female friend cut me off (completely ignores me) because people spread lies about me liking her (I don’t)

She started avoiding me and when I asked why she’s been distant she lied and said it not personal, eventually I started asking other people if I’ve done something to annoy her, I just happens to ask one of the people spreading lies about me (I didn’t know at the time)

He then gets defensive that I’m about to find out he’s a liar and a bully so tells her another lie about me, he told her that I said to him that he wasn’t allowed to talk to her so by saying that he now makes me look possessive and like I was in love with her, I didn’t find out until this other lie until a year later, but she completely cut me of and hates me, we did talk one time but she protected this bully spreading lies about me but not telling me what was going on,

I’m not in love with this girl but I did value her friendship a lot and she doesn’t even care enough to confirm anything with me and instantly believe lies about me, she doesn’t even value me as a friend and the hurts.

I’ve also heard other rumours about me and her, god only knows what other lies she been told?, the real wind up is that she’s still friends with all the bully’s that spread lies about me
Not even good enough for the friendzone?
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