Why can all my friends find decent boyfriends but I can't?

All my friends are so lucky when it comes to finding boyfriends whilst me on the otherhand i always attract terrible men. My last boyfriend turned out to be a drug dealer.

I've been signed with a worldwide modeling agency since i was 14 years old so it can't be that im ugly or i wouldn't have a job. For example one of my friends is dating a award winning garden designer and he treats her like a queen, yet she's slightly over weight, comes from a poor background, has spots and is 5ft. So obviously it has nothing to do with looks.

I just want a nice, guy who treats me good and will take good care of me. Im not gonna lie im extremely jealous of my friends especially the one i just mentioned. Her boyfriend recently bought her a puppy and he's planning to propose to her with a 4 carat diamond ring rumour has it. He gives her everything and they make each other so happy.

I just want someone to love me that much too yet all i attract is sleazy criminals. Im a good person too, i volunteer caring for animals in my spare time yet even the guys there don't talk to me and would rather talk to plain jane girls.
Why can all my friends find decent boyfriends but I can't?
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