How can I get over never having experienced teen love? ?

I'm a 27 year old woman and it never really bothered me up until now to think that I never experienced teenage love. I have dated men in my college years, but seem to think what it would have been like to have that naive tender teen love.

I was kind of nerdy, weird, and unattractive at the time, and no boys seemed to like me back. In college, it was a total 180 and I actually felt admired and chased after.

As a teen, my parents didn't let me have a boyfriend, so I ruled it out of my head completely for fear of getting trouble. I spent so much time studying and focusing on school and extracurriculars, which I don't regret.


I wish I was able to watch the sunset while sitting on the grass and being held and kissed by a modest 15 year old boy who saw me as the greatest thing ever.

Id love to have been able to think I can walk into the halls after the bell rings and see my boyfriend fro afar, and give him a great big hug and be those people that kiss under the tree.

I wish I could have been looked at with excited and happy eyes.

While I know it may not have been perfect, maybe that type of love must have been so special and exciting.

I can't go back in time, but if I could I wish I could do it differently knowing what I know now. It just doesn't seem the same when you're an adult.

Recently, I got a similar butterflies in your stomach feeling of teen-like infatuation that I haven't felt since high school. It is with an adult male I see around from time to time but he is taken so it will never happen.

How can I get over feeling like I missed out? I know some of you may say "Not all teen love is great--a lot of it is cringe" but I'm talking about missing gout on the GOOD kind.

Thank you to everyone
How can I get over never having experienced teen love? ?
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