I think my boyfriend has attachment issues?

He's told me he's only been in love once before. While a mutual friend/acquaintance warned me that he falls in love quickly.

He seems to still keep some form of contact and connection with his exes. I think he might have post notifications on social media for them sent to his email as well.

He mentioned how he was in an abusive relationship before and she cheated and had a baby on him. Yet he was stupid enough to stick around her and even help take care of the kid, he even got to name the child. He was in his life until she'd bring him around and drop him off for a few weeks then take him back from him. He said he loved her child.

He told me that if I ever cheated on him that he wouldn't forgive me yet it seems like he forgave the woman that beat his ass and whatever else. An ex even popped up and he mentioned it to me but when she asked to hang out he said, he didn't know yet. I asked him why not tell her no, knowing he has a girlfriend and he claimed he didn't want to hurt her. It's like did he not think of how it would make me feel or did he even care.

It took for me to flip out for him to block her number because she obviously wanted to hook up with him. Yet they follow each other on Instagram.
I think my boyfriend has attachment issues?
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