What are your thoughts on dominant women?

And NO, I do not mean sexually. I mean in terms of who leads in relationships. In other words, what are your thoughts on women who are the leader in their relationships?

I've made it clear that I prefer them, but I'm asking because a lot of guys think these women are just bad. They're either called masculine, or seen as nagging or emasculating. And God forbid a man actually dates one! 'Cause then he's called a pussy, beta, cuck, simp, et cetera.

That's not actually true. Not all of them are nagging, screeching feminists who love finding weak men to cuck.

I actually have a BFF who I talk about Yu-Gi-Oh with. And he has a younger sister who's dominant--both in and out of the bedroom. She calls me "Puppy" as a cute nickname, since I'm shorter than her (I'm 5'6, she's 5'10 and a half), so I'll call her "Wolf." And now that a billing problem that my BFF had is cleared up, she and I can speak to each other more often.

And Wolf knows about me and called me very handsome, despite me being shorter and weaker than her. She's not muscular, but she does more heavy lifting than my BFF. She doesn't emasculate men at all, and is actually reasonable when she asks people to do something. I actually wanna spend more time with Wolf and see if anything happens between us.

She's bigger than me, stronger than me, was taught to fight by her mom, loves horror movies and she's a complete alpha. She's not exactly a tomboy, but I still think she'd be a good partner for me.

So for everyone else here, what are your thoughts on women who are dominant in their relationships?

(And bamesjond0069, Hispanic-Cool-Guy? I know you two are gonna call me a simp who's got no balls. Come at me, niggas.)
What are your thoughts on dominant women?
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