How do you comfort your wife after a miscarriage?

My wife had a miscarriage on Sunday she's been very depressed about it. She didn't even do much she just helped out her son and other kids with the egg hunt she was running around a lot with our son. She did eat some chocolate she had 2 brownies and 2 cookies and a piece of her cousin's birthday cake. Other than that all we did was just hang out in her cousin's room like we normally do. After our 3 hour car ride home she started feeling cramps while we were unpacking the car she was texting me and my friend while on the toilet saying she was bleeding. She feels really bad she told everyone and our family when we got to Easter dinner everyone congratulated us now she feels really bad. She hasn't even told her son yet he's only 9 she's not sure if she should tell him he knew she was pregnant. His dad died 2 years ago she had a difficult time telling him she had to have my friend do it. She's probably gonna tell him about the baby the same way she told him about his dad all she said to him was daddy's not coming home he went to heaven she'll probably say the same with the baby once she's calmed down. She was really truamatized by it especially since it happened on a holiday when she missed and needed her ex husband the most. How can I comfort her through this?
How do you comfort your wife after a miscarriage?
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