What does it means?

My ex texted me, after one entire year.

*She used these emojis: ☺️ 😘, with the word "kisses".


then she used the word: "hug!".


My current hypothesis: I am the available guy.

πŸ’»πŸ“ŠMy analysis: after analyzing her text messages, and the context in which she texted me, I can assure she is either single for now, have issues with her current partner, or she is a total sweetheart of a woman, nowadays. Either way, I don't forget what we had (the good, and the f*cked up), beside other things, and the fact that there is an entire ocean separating us.

🌠4 years passed since we breakup
She is single
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Issues with her current partner
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She's just a sweetheart.
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What does it means?
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