Would you break up if he never proposes?

Hi, I have a 7 year relationship with a great man, he's intelligent, responsible, honest, has a great career, we share a lot of values in common and have the same belief, both practicing catholics, plus he is handsome, tall, strong, and good looking. He's great and I love him. He's been my only boyfriend (I had never had nothing with a guy or anybody before him, at all, no-thing) he gave me my 1st kiss! We meet when he was 20 and I was 23, we were both finishing university. Now he's 27 and I'm 30, and even though we have good chemistry, great communication, interests in common, good paying jobs, and we laugh a lot and cuddle and say I love you to each other daily, all that and he has not proposed at all. We don't live together and we haven't had intercourse cause I am a virgin and I want to wait until marriage, although we have experimented already seeing each other naked, but not intercourse. So, I don't know, what would you do in this case? Is it unlikely for him to propose at this point? We broke up once already and splitted for 1 year and after that he came to me and asked me to come back and said he wasn't able to date anyone else. I've talked to him about this marriage stuff, he says he wants to have more money and maturity to be able to marry, but I'm 30 and I don't know if I have the time to wait for that to happen, I want to have children and loving marriage with a man who really wants to be with me no matter what.
Would you break up if he never proposes?
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