Trying to win over boyfriend's Indian mom?

My boyfriend is Indian. He wants me to lose weight, get fit, and healthy. I'm not complaining because I do agree I need to care for myself and being fit will help prevent future injuries.

He is not being a jerk about it but hopes that I can get to at least 155 before meeting his mom. She is very critical of looks. His family wants his partner to be a certain way. His family is so critical about looks, he gained a little bit of weight and his mom was upset that he lost his abs. He is studying hard for a major career determining test... I think abs is the last thing to worry about.

Anyway, I love him. I'm nervous that his mom won't like me due to weight. Apparently I'm the second girl he has ever taken home. He's 27 and I'm 29. How do I win his mom over if she is super fitness and competitive in her personality type?

He told me that 20% of his choice to marry or be with me would come from his parents. The other 80% is him. We've talked about marriage and I'm just scared that if his mom doesn't like me, I'll be dumped. And even if I don't get dumped, I still want his family to like me.

Also how do I go from 168 to 155 by August? Even more to weight loss the better.
Trying to win over boyfriend's Indian mom?
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