How can I build trust again with my boyfriend?

I got into my first relationship with a guy i fell in love with and feels the same. We are together almost 2 months. He has been going through depression which I have been there and supported him with. However, the last couple of days I started hanging out with some people he never liked and which were really bad influence. I did some edgy things which he has been there giving me love even when I didn't deserve it. We have an honest communication but we don't really update each other about plans so one night i ended up partying hard instead of staying home like i told him. But he never called to ask me so I didn't mention to him that I am going out. Next day I couldn't face him but I told him what I did. He was disappointed in me but said it isn't a big deal and tried to comfort me about it. He encouraged me to call him more as this would have been prevented if I could just call him and have a chat rather than going out with not so great people. He is right and finally I cut contacts with them but damage is done in our trust relationship. He stayed with me though in the night, we had dinner and slept over. In the morning I told him how sorry i was that I failed him and started crying but nothing dramatic. He hugged and kissed me and told me everything's going to be alright. I called him later in the day and he asked how was I and I knew he genuinely cares. I feel like he is the love of my life but I am afraid I ruined it with this mistake. How can we overcome this and the feeling that he will break up with me because of my behaviour? He told me last night that it's my imagination and he wouldn't break up with me because of that and my fear of losing him is irrational. He just told me to try harder with myself and overcome my addictions and that I am awesome and shouldn't change sensitive side of me to toughen up.
How can I build trust again with my boyfriend?
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