Does my girlfriend respect me?

My girlfriend Jocelyn does favours for me even though I tell her not to. The reason I tell her not to is because I feel she does these things for the wrong reason. For example, Jocelyn cooks for even after I’ve told her multiple times not to. She says she does it because she wants me to keep my muscular physic. And that If I stopped working out and got fat she’d leave me.

Jocelyn also a bunch of male friends and it makes me uncomfortable. I know these guys wanna sex with her, she even admitted it. I told her numerous times how I feel. She told me that she’s every guy’s fantasy and I’m just insecure. After having numerous fights over the male friends Jocelyn finally said to me “I’ll stop hanging out with guys, since you’re so jealous”.

For the last 3 weeks things were good. She was telling to come over almost every day, constantly telling me she’s happy, how I’m the one etc. Then 2 days ago everything fell apart. She asked me to walk across the street and buy her food and I accidentally bought her the wrong thing.

She was very angry, and I apologized and told her I’m going back to get the right order. She told me she was too mad to eat and not to bother. Then she started complaining she’s been unhappy with the relationship and starts saying telling me I’m lazy and don’t care about her. I asked her why she’d say such a thing.

Jocelyn starts complaining that I don’t know what she wants, and when she wants it. That I don’t pay attention to her needs. And that she shouldn’t have to ask me to do things for her, I should just know. With that being said haven’t spoken to her in 2 days.
Does my girlfriend respect me?
Does my girlfriend respect me?
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Does my girlfriend respect me?
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