What are the signs that an ex-boyfriend wants you back?

I am having some trouble understanding my ex-boyfriend's intentions. Two years ago, he broke up with me because my family found out we were together. It was the worst few nights of my life. My ex, Joshua, told me to either choose between him or my family. I was ready to choose him but he did not want me to lose my family so he ended it. We were both heartbroken because we still loved each other. He blocked me on social media but still had my number. Fast forward two years (we had on and off-contact for a little while then fully blocked me for an entire year and a half), a little over a week ago, I searched up Joshua's Snapchat username, not knowing if he would ever add me again. To my surprise, he unblocked me and added me and texted 'Hey, How's it going?'. I responded and we have been texting ever since. I asked him why he unblocked me and he said he just wanted to say hey. It doesn't sound right. I am an overthinker and it is difficult for me to know if a guy likes me. Joshua was the love of my life at one point. When he broke up with me, I was devastated and so was he. He didn't want me, and now he is back? It's confusing. He is single and I am single (i just broke up with someone over a month ago). Like, why unblock me after two years? I still like him. I think about him every day and have since we broke up. I just need to be clear about the signs and what to pay attention to. How do I not be so obvious and how do I keep his attention and not push him away? Hopefully, y'all can help me. Thank you all so much and have a blessed rest of your day/night!!
What are the signs that an ex-boyfriend wants you back?
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