Will I get an apology from this guy?

I tried to date this guy. He was head over heels for me so fast. It absolutely scared me. Eventually, I started opening a bit of my feelings for him. Within’ a month of knowing him, he felt a bit too quick.. We had sex, everything. Was never a first date, though he was talking about working on doing one with me this weekend. That didn't work out. This guy has showed more interest than I have. Very quick, and I don’t swerve like that. Things didn’t work out once. He blew up my phone, saying how I deserve a good guy. Etc. We worked things out. We fought again, just cause he said how it shouldn’t take me 2 minutes to send him a selfie. Though I wanted to send a good selfie just for him to keep. Understandable?
Yeah, we fought over that. I felt so done walking on eggshells with him. I slowly was letting him go. He blasted my phone, saying I have mad daddy issues. Just cause I mainly have a mom and step-dad. That I’m very immature, just cause I told him what I’m telling you guys. I could sense and feel that this guy is very insecure. I could understand the hurt he was feeling, though I was like.. What did I do to make you so mad at me? Came at me, literally assuming things about me. Saying I have daddy issues, just cause I admitted that I chose not to have my real dad in my life.

Will I ever get an apology, or is he somewhat embarrassed to reach out? I told him to stop messaging me. How he’s disrespectful. Has zero chances of my friendship or whatever.
Will I get an apology from this guy?
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