Only way a marriage will work is if you both remove selfishness for each other? Agree or disagree?

I just read an article on this and this is something I totally agree with and something I live by that I have learned through the years of my relationships, Removing selfishness is the only way love will grow when you are in a committed relationship, sadly most people do not grasp or understand this and wonder why they end up single or divorced and I used to be one of those people. When you choose to take someone’s hand in marriage or commit to someone , your single days have come to an end , you are choosing to sacrifice for each other and to stay by each other’s side as one , when it comes down to decision making for yourself you should always prioritize your partner before making any rational decisions, even if you feel you aren’t doing anything wrong it’s still a selfish decision if you don’t include your partner , I am not saying you have to hold your partner’s hand at all times but your partner should be your number 1 priority when it comes to certain things , saying No to friends and family when it comes down to separating Yourself from your partner. A prime example , your best friend tries to plan a vacation with you but without your partner , to answer that question your answer should instantly be No sorry , My partner wouldn’t travel without me so I am not going to travel without them , Most people don’t grasp this concept and then wonder why they end up divorced. And the reason why is cuz you are only thinking of yourself? Your friends and family will not be by your side until the end but your partner will be , if you can’t do this for your partner your relationship will not last bottom line. Do you agree or disagree? Me personally doesn’t get into a relationship to be single , when I give someone my heart I respect the same in return if I can’t do that for someone then there is no reason to get into a relationship with someone.
Only way a marriage will work is if you both remove selfishness for each other? Agree or disagree?
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