Is it likely my boyfriend lied about his past?

We've been dating for nearly 6 months and I was curious about his past. He didn't say much. He mentioned about being in 2 long-term relationships.
I'm low count too. He's only my 2nd. Both of us are 25 years old.

I've noticed this though:
- He's similar to me; doesn't talk too much on social gatherings
- We were offered wine and a couple beers on a New Year's Eve family reunion. Someone asked him if that was his first time drinking. He said no but his expression said otherwise. He got tipsy easily.
- His parents were very happy to meet me. His mother said that we're proud he finally brought a girlfriend home. He interrupted her quickly and told me that he just isn't used to introducing girls to his parents. Then he changed the topic.
- We got intimate not so long ago and I had to help him stick it in. He got it right on the 4th attempt. He seemed to blush and said "I'm not new. It happens after a break-up, you forget at first". He sounded a bit nervous though.

Is it likely he lied about his supposedly 2 past relationships and I was really his first girl he ever had?
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He really seemed like he didn't know much, as if he really haven't done it before. Also the way he got nervous and changed the topic after his mother spoke.
Is it likely my boyfriend lied about his past?
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