Do you think it is unreasonable for women to expect a faithful man?

I personally think that it is very unrealistic and gullible for women go do so as this is coming from a woman with more logical common sense knowing the true nature of men and how men are wired and programmed. Men have a much higher sex drive than women and what women don't understand is that when men cheat oftentimes it has very less to do with the women and more so of the fact that they are lust driven creatures who are never satisfied with only one woman and that it does not matter what a woman does to maintain a relationship it's just that men always want something new and do not see themselves being with one woman for the rest of their lives which. So even though most men agree to monogamous relationships is because they know that that is what most women want even though that most or unwilling to be monogamous themselves so most men WILLINGLY force themselves into monogamous relationships to appease their women which is why they have commitment issues. Women have higher expectations of men being faithful which infuriates women mostly when their significant other/spouse cheats on them because unlike men, women get far too comfortable with their men whilst most men whether married or in a "committed relationship" usually have multiple women that they are already dating or sleeping with either before, during or after the relationship/marriage this allows men to get over relationships and marriages quicker and sooner than women because they already have had women that they were already sleeping with and dating while they were married or in the relationship in the first place. So this proves that men are less concerned with relationships and are only interested in women for only two reasons Beauty and sex. I just think that women should stop putting expectations on men for something that they know that they cannot control men are going to cheat regardless of the situation sooner or later.
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This is why women should practice polyamoury and keep their options open and not expect so much from men. And to never put anything past a man. Because men are gonna be men.
Do you think it is unreasonable for women to expect a faithful man?
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