Should I quit my job as a security guard because of my female colleague?

Should I quit my job as a security guard because of my female colleague?
I'm the youngest hire (22) while my colleagues are a man (39) and a woman (34). To cover all the shifts we should be in four, but there's a very high turnover and now I see why: my female colleague, perhaps because this is a male dominated industry, feels the need to act as a the "big girl" and often gets abrasive and confrontational not only with us, but with the owner as well. The man just agrees to everything she says and whenever she blames me for something, he never says a thing.
Worst of all, things here are all personal and drama - she gets things done faster because she's got many friends in the offices, and it happened people called only to hung up or ask where she was when I was on shift. As a result, I'm cut off from the loop in many cases.
She says she only wants us to do things well for our own benefit, but when I followed a standard procedure (send an e-mail to the owner because a worker hurt himself and needed an ambulante during my shift) she got mad and accused me of going over her.
If she's in a good mood she can be friendly and even nice to have around, but it gets taxing when she overstays two hours into my shift to check on me, or arrives two hours EARLIER ti control my work.
The job is stressful enough, but she's the mai reason I want to quit: I'm sick of always tiptoeing around her.

I'm considering to quit, but I know that if I'll do it, she and my male colleague will have to make 12 hours shifts to cover for me and I honestly don't want to put them in that situation. But I can't go on like this either.
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Update - I tried to quit, she said to try and wait until they find a replacement. She promised to be nicer if I keep working and invited me to hang out when we have the day off.
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Update: today was my last day. Things had actually gotten better in those months but I still looked around and found something more suitable for me.
They found a replacement and I actually trained him. The female colleague today actually said I was one of the best guys she had and that if I want to come back I am always welcome.
Should I quit my job as a security guard because of my female colleague?
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