Does it sound like he really has feelings for me?

Please, I need advice cause I am in somewhat of a tough situation. Please, go easy on me, I am human and not perfect. I am also going through an extremely tough time in my life right now.

I have been in an open marriage for ten years, but I never indulged in relationships with other men until recently. My husband and I both are talking to other people we met on Tinder, due due to lack of excitement in our lives. My marriage is not good. I would leave my husband if I could.

I had a flirty and sexual tension filled work relationship with a colleague for a few years. It was a borderline emotional affair and I have fallen in love with him. Two months ago, I lost my job and I have not seen him since. For two or three weeks after I lost my job, we texted for sometimes hours straight, up until bedtime and even agreed we would meet up soon.

Then the texts from him stopped a month ago, even after texting him a few times. I have a female colleague who is a good friend of mine and three of us worked together. She tried to get us together after I lost my job, because she felt there was something good there between us. First she talked to him at work, he told her he missed me, but he felt like his simple life would break open. Then she spoke to him a few weeks ago because I asked her to intervene and get an idea on his feelings for me. He told her he is not looking for anything, that he just wants to be friends, but he cares for me and wants me in his life. She did tell him he needed to man up and text me. He said he would, but has not yet. My friend believes he has feelings for but does not want to come between my marriage. I feel like texting me back would not be such a big deal if I were truly just a friend. Does it sound like he does have feelings and is scared? Or am I kidding myself? We had a close relationship in which we confided in each other. There is no way I meant nothing to him to the point that he won't even return my texts, and hurt me like he has done.
Does it sound like he really has feelings for me?
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