Do guys realize what they have lost once it's truly gone & they experience a new relationship?!

My situation is a bit complicated but I am going to make it short as possible with main supporting details!.

I was married for 7 years, and have been divorced now for a year n' a half. I never thought I could part from my ex hubby, he was like my drug. No matter how bad he was to me during that time, I couldn't leave. It did get really bad tho' and I had to leave. I met a really nice guy within that time, and he really helped me get over him, by being such a good friend to me and displaying so much love. He fell deeply in love with me like almost immediately, I wasn't interested at first but over a lil' bit of time I let my guard down and fell hard for him.

Him and I dated for 10 months and 7 of those months I lived with him and his family! His family over time really learned to love me too, and now care so much for me. Him and I split up 5 months ago over me just wanting a break, because I was tired of him harrassing me about my weight of only 130lbs, I was a lil' chunky but naw, and him being flirtacious and inconsiderate. I know am his first "real girlfriend" or serious relationship, so he had a lot to learn. I wanted a break but not for forever. I saw him two months ago and he got emotional to see me. and then I ran into him at our college last week and he got emotional then too. I asked to meet with him the day after that happened, well had to begg him because he didn't want to be "unfair" to his new bitch, but he agreed and we discussed why we broke up. He basically said I was just too much to handle, which is a cop-out! Relationships are hard and people collide at times, but I was so good to him. He has a hard heart. I told him that God had given him another chance at forgiveness and life, because he was bout to be put in prison, long story, and that he too should forgive me of what ever he thinks I have done and for us to move foward! He just said he doesn't want to be with me anymore and I wish with all my heart he would change his mind! At least someday, whether if I have moved on or not by that time, but to at least know by that, that he did care!

I know it took my ex hubby a long time to realize how special I was to him, and he would have found out sooner if I would have left him alone instead of always chasing him life a puppy, never agian 2 do that!. He wanted to see what else was out there, but once he did, he sure does now regret it! I know with my ex boyfriend, he probably thinks he can replace me, I hope he finds out he can't soon! He is so prideful n' breakin' up wit him hurt it. I asked him to give us another chance, but he said no. I love him so much and know I have to let him go, and am really working on it, but just hope one of these days, he realizes leaving me was a mistake! Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated, not unappreciated and rejected, especially when we don't deserve it! What we had was good, & he exaggerated the bad, it was all in his head hopefully he realizes that soon!

Sorry so long Thank you guys
Do guys realize what they have lost once it's truly gone & they experience a new relationship?!
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