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Do guys ever realize what they lost?

I am a 20 year old college student and I must admit I'm trying to move forward from a breakup. I met my ex while I was in Texas and I had to move to another state. I met his family and they seemed to love me. I motivated him to go to college and he started going to college. He said it was for me. So that we could have a better life but I told him that going to college is something you do for yourself. But he ended up breaking up with me the first time because he said he needed to concentrate in school. The breakup only lasted a day because he contacted me saying that he misses me. Thinking about it now I should've given him more of a hard time instead of take him back right away. Anyway, at the end he was acting kind of weird. I noticed that he wouldn't do all the small things he used to do to let me know that he loved me such as call me. I felt like it bothered him talking to me. I got a little upset at him because I hated how he would update his Facebook status but take hours to text me back. I asked him if he still felt the same way about me and he said that he just had a lot on his mind that he didn't want to talk about. Right after I asked him he had to go to work. I sent him a text telling him to smile once for me and to take his mind off of whatever it was on. And that I love him. I didn't even hear back from him. He usually calls or text right after work even when it's been a late shift. But I noticed he was snapchatting others while he was on his break and on Facebook. I sent him a text telling him that I couldn't do this anymore and that I felt like he didn't appreciate me. Basically breaking up with him. And I never heard from him. I sent him a message on Facebook asking him what made him change and he saw it. but he never responded.At the end I had to delete him from Facebook because it just hurt me seeing him on there. I still notice that he never deleted any pictures of me. But I guess I was better off. Many people say that he will realize what he lost and come back. and that when he does that I should not take him back.
Do guys ever realize what they lost?
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