Female co-worker is driving me insane. why is she doing this?

My female co-worker Janey doesn’t leave me alone.
I was in the staff canteen minding my own business having my taco when another female co- worker Harriet walked in and started talking to me. Literally a minute into the conversation Janey has immediately rushed over from the other table and taken over the conversation to prevent her talking to me. It was embarrassing the way it happened. Once Harriet walked off, Janey looks over my shoulder. I asked her what she wanted and she wanted to know what I was eating.

This has happened a few times over the last couple of weeks. On Tuesday morning I was talking to another female co worker and she this time intervened and started answering the questions for me.

She’s going weird on me. I’ve noticed she’s been doing this since last July but I never took any notice of it but recently it’s got worse.

Sometimes, I catch her staring at me and as if she’s watching my every move. She let slip that’s she saw me to out for a cigarette a few times.

I don’t understand why she’s doing this. Because I know she’s a married women with four kids.

Ladies, why would she do this to me?
Female co-worker is driving me insane. why is she doing this?
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