How would you feel if your mom said this to you?


I am engaged to my fiancé who I love the whole world and we have spent just under two wonderful years together.

I was telling my mom how my fiancé had mentioned children even though we both decided we didn’t want them from the start. He was just saying how nice it would be to see what me and him together would look like.

My mom’s first reaction was that I would be left alone with the baby if he left me for someone else. I feel really sick and disgusted at her saying this. When I said I don’t think that would happen she just said “ohhh it could well do”.

Ok I get that but it could happen to anyone and I felt like telling her to fuck off. Stop making me insecure. I think looking back at my childhood and things she never let me feel good enough. I’m in a really good and well paid job and I’ve still saving for a house but becauS I’ve downsized my rental she keeps telling me I’ve gone “backwards” and she can’t believe I’m in this position.

The thing is…I’m actually pretty happy. Just her comments bring me down

How would you feel if your mom said this to you?
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