Should I talk about it?


There is this dude, Ik... my friend liked him but before she could confess properly he proposed to me... telling me he would like to time pass with me... I was angry yes.. but I forgave him thinking that's his goofy self... last day he proposed to my friend who liked him.. and he told her too that he wanted to spend time... simply with her for a year... and it was just a time pass.. today... I had a conversation with his friend who is a girl... and she said he's like that to everyone... like a playboy... kinda... but the thing is I don't like it when people take so lightly how others feel.. he is confessing and at the same time... talking about it as if its a joke... for me personally its a very serious thing.. as I am a passionate person myself... he made my friend cry a bit... coz she felt sad thinking she loved a guy like him... he is proposing to people like a contract... telling them he'll only need them for a year... I dunno what's gotten into him...

but I really feel like talking it out... coz the anger I feel is.. quite.. too much to keep bottled up... I wanna confront him and ask why he is being like that... coz I've been seeing him like a good friend... and I don't like the way he is acting... he used to be much better before.. now he is acting like a total jerk...

so what do u suggest should I talk it out? Or Ignore or avoid him like my friends are suggesting me to do so?

Should I talk about it?
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