Dating with a chronic health condition. Why do I find it so hard?

I have a chronic health condition and at the minute my depression and anxiety due to it is really affected. I’m starting new medication soon to hopefully help with my condition and my mood. My boyfriend who I was friends with for 10 years before dating knew all about my health condition. However his making me feel really upset. His birthday is coming up this week and I suggested he do something with his family and then I’ll come by to his family meal in the evening and we do our own thing another day just us two. He then said it’s embarrassing that I won’t be there during the day ( they are walking around a village ) which 1 isn’t my thing 2 I get pretty exhausted quickly and my legs can hurt 3 Im suffering from panic attacks recently and I feel embarrassed in front his family. And it is making me feel really bad. I cried to my mum about I am finding stuff so difficult at the minute and thought he’d understand. My mum said not to call him back and wait for him to reach out to me ( he seemed really annoyed on the phone to me and had to go ) and my mum said he needs to understand if he doesn’t well then that’s up to him what he wants to do. I said to my mum I am not what you call a ‘ normal ‘ girlfriend and I have to look out for my health at the minute. What should I do?
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I also feel really bad thinking he deserves someone so much better than a stupid sick woman!
Dating with a chronic health condition. Why do I find it so hard?
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