Need guy help? What should I do?

So I’m now in a dilemma. I’ve been talking to this guy for two months. Meanwhile we have been talking, I feel like he wants a relationship but my mindset still isn’t set on one with him. He’s very loyal and very caring but has flaws to him. He has an average job but doesn’t show signs of wanting to build a better job. (I make way more than him) on top of the fact that he’s 30 , still lives with parents. His parents aren’t the cleanest , he lives in a messy house. He also smokes a lot of weed and seems to be around friends a lot. I’m trying to like him because in the long run I see a very loyal open relationship

But my crush just got into contact with me. It was someone I liked back in February but he ended up rejecting me because he had stuff on his side going on (not very loyal) I feel like me and him have a lot more in common and I felt so connected with him. He’s 24, lives with parents but I absolutely loved his parents. He bought flowers for me on our second date. He has a decent job , is into fitness like I am, and is into similar stuff as me.

I have a feeling I’m going to start seeing my crush again and completely break the first guys heart. I don’t know what to do. The first guy wants a relationship but I’m just not there with him because I see flaws that may interfere with our relationship even though he would be loyal. Help?
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Forgot to add I do find my crush more attractive … but again loyalty has been kind of something that sticks in the back of my mind more.
Need guy help? What should I do?
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