Is it wrong to be emotionally intimate with a guy friend if he is committed?

Since January, we went back and became emotionally dependent on each other. I might have been guilty of always depending on him because I had been sick and he was the only one who frequently ask how i was so it ends up with me always sharing what's going on with me to which he acts like a doctor and gives me tips and helps me to feel better and eat better as my sickness is related to the stomach.

Similarly, he shows signs of emotional attachment towards me because when he got sick as well, he asked me to check up on him before and after the surgery. He also updates me on his condition even without me asking

Lately, my issues are getting worse again and since we rarely talk in depth with my other friends. I went to him again and he welcomes emotionally supporting me and when i thanked him, he said i can go to him anytime.

I'm aware he is in a relationship but he did mention he prefers to be back in our city which might mean he's not that okay in his current relationship. In the past, he had mentioned to me that he disliked somethings with his relationship although he did not directly tell me it was a relationship.

My question is, is it okay if I continue being emotionally intimate and exclusively supporting each other through life's problems? I did try my other friends but none can surpass him in terms of emotionally being there for me. We have long sessions of talking or "therapy" which really helps me be okay and less anxious.

Is it wrong to be emotionally intimate with a guy friend if he is committed?
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