Why do men cheat, then ask for another chance?

Hello, why do men cheat and then ask for forgiveness? I've been with my boyfriend for five years. In the first year, he cheated, asked for forgiveness, and I took him back. Throughout the years, we’ve had ups and downs like any relationship but managed to get through it. We were even in the same college course, but he failed an exam last summer and never went back, while I continued. He got very depressed after failing, but due to family problems he decided to go to work full time.

I can guarantee this is the first time he cheated since the first year. However, the other night at work, for the first time since the beginning of our relationship, he cheated again. We were going through a very rocky patch due to our difficult college course. I was pulling back in January, not because I was over him, but because I needed to study. He took on a full-time job where he was very unhappy.

He texted an old friend with benefits on Instagram. We almost broke up in February due to not getting along and other issues. While I was the one considering ending it, he continued communicating with this girl until the end of March. If she had looked at Facebook, she would have seen we were still dating, but I get it—she's not my friend and has no loyalty to me. Nothing happened between them because she refused to send pictures or meet up.

He is now in military training. We had sorted our issues. like we always do, but I'm after finding this out. it seems like he never learned from the past now. I told him I know about it, and all he's doing is crying and asking for another chance. He says he was immature and that being away has made him realize things. He blames it on being very unhappy with his life. I already gave him a chance years ago, and he clearly didn't learn. But why ask for another chance? Why do people cheat in the first place?

Why do men cheat, then ask for another chance?
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