Am I the only younger woman who is disgusted by older men?

I guess I should clarify.

I'm disgusted by the situation of older men leaving older women specifically for younger women, in overwhelming numbers. Or the situation of older men only seeking younger women for potential partners. I know its a reality and standard in society, but I just really don't like the idea that as we get older, we become worth less, as women. Men don't have to deal with that. I could cry all day about how its not fair, but that doesn't even scratch the surface, honestly. It's like, oh great, I have yet another thing to bitch about concerning men. I never want to say "men are pigs" but well...There are some naively arrogant women around my age (I'm 21) who go on and on about how much better they are than older women. A girl in my class the other day actually said she doesn't blame older men for hitting on her because "who wants to have sex with an old leather bag?" I've never been one to bite my tongue, and so this wasn't going to be any different. I asked her, what about her mother and her aunts and cousins, etc.? If her dad decided to leave her mom for a younger woman how would she feel? I told her, what is she going to do when the years catch up with her. Some people age well (my parents are both very attractive and look half their age) but in general many people become wrinkly and lose whatever features that made them good looking before, which she should really be concerned about because she's not that attractive anyway. I wish I could tell you her response but to be honest I was standing by the door, and after I ranted all that for a few seconds, I just ended with "No wonder older men like you, you're dumb as f***." And then I walked out the door. *shrug*

It's just something I've noticed over the years. And maybe its partly me projecting my subconscious fears of being an old lady tossed to the side one day in the future. that's probably true, but its still a valid grievance, regardless.

It's hard for me to even take seriously the notion that an older guy who claims to like me is even taking me seriously. I'm skeptical about the whole thing and I think being a part of it (dating any older guy that I may like) is paradoxical - how can I complain about older men choosing younger women over older women, and then date an older guy, whom I may really like? It's an issue.

What are your opinions on this?
Am I the only younger woman who is disgusted by older men?
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