Best friends with benefits or potential relationship?

I have a good friend who I talk to all the time, we're just about best friends.. we play video games together all the time, text, talk at work, and basically just keep each other company almost 24/7. He's only hung at my place 4 times. But we also have sex every time he is over. But I don't know what the status of our relationship is.. are we friends with benefits or is there a potential for more?

I'm wary of talking about it with him because he confuses me a lot. When I first started talking to him he would confide in me his likes for this chick who has a boyfriend, who he'll never get with but he has/had a crush on. Anyways he always talks about girls. I don't know if he does this to seem cool, make me jealous, or what. We're open about everything, we share porn, talk about our sex, talk about what we like and don't like. We have a lot in common, and I'm the girl that is basically one of the guys, which is why I think he talks to me about everything, including girls.

I like rock, video games, sports, sex, I don't take shit from people (maybe I'm a little intimidating), I hang with the dudes, I'm horny a lot, but he knows I'm not a slut because I only have sex with him. Sometimes he acts full of himself and other times he'll seem self-concious about how he looks.

He complains to me about being single but claims the only good part about being single is "doing anyone he wants." I find it hard to believe he's doing anyone other than me since I talk to him all the time. How often are guys full of shit and how far do they go to make a girl jealous? What is their motive?

I'm the cool chick who's easy going and doesn't put any pressure on him. But I'm scared to break it to him that I feel more for him than just friends because I don't want it to change our friendship if he doesn't return the feelings.
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I told him I loved him. His response was "I told you not to fall for me." Apparently I didn't take him seriously, eh? He asked if I wanted to slow down on the sex since I feel the way I do. I'm a dumb girl and I said no. I don't know what to do.
Best friends with benefits or potential relationship?
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