My boyfriend's dad is hitting him, and I don't know what to do.

My boyfriend is twenty years old & I am eighteen. He lives with his parents and goes to school & work part time..

Anyway back when we first started dating I once noticed he had a black eye, it was a horrible sight & it stayed bruised for a long time, he had told me he got it from fighting some guy.

I believed him, because he fights all the time...but the more I was around him the more I noticed sudden bruises or cuts,

once we started to get very serious & I met his father I noticed something is wrong. Sometimes his father comes home very drunk and he verbally humiliates my boyfriend in front of me and calls him horrible names.he says "is this the kind of man you want to be with?" & he picks at him as if he wants to fight. and although he is a lot bigger than his father, he doesn't do anything back.

when he starts getting physical my boyfriend makes me leave. I beg him to come with me, but he never does.

this is starting to really effect my boyfriend because he's starting to drink a lot more regularly. up to 4 nights a week & sometimes more. sometimes I don't even know where he is. he says alcohol helps him, and sadly, he only opens up to me about everything when he's drunk and he talks about just taking me and all our stuff and leaving .

but when he isn't drinking, he goes back to being reserved..

i want to move away with him, but his dad said if he leaves the house he will fire him from his company.

it's killing me because I'm watching my boyfriend fall apart everyday. I hate his father. I feel helpless to the situation.

I'm not leaving my boyfriend, I love him more than anything..

but I just don't know what to do anymore...
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Thank you everyone for taking the time & answering
My boyfriend's dad is hitting him, and I don't know what to do.
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