Perfect Boyfriend yet no sexual attraction or depth

I have found a wonderful guy in my life. We have lots of fun together since we enjoy doing mostly all the same things. He is very handsome, well build with muscles, and he treat me incredibly well. I feel that I have found a good guy who gives me the support, love, and stability in this world that l need.

Dilemma: Two slight problem

1. His strength does not lie in speaking his thoughts, and so he is great for when I want to have someone who will listen when I need to vent. But he lacks the ability to give me those little pep talks one needs sometimes and perhaps the wisdom. When he speaks, it is very simple and it lacks depth. I also get bored talking with him on a regular basis because I do no feel intellectually stimulated by his lack of things to express in conversation. (He is such a sweet guy though and truly does love me and I love him)

2. Lack of sexual attraction.

He is so handsome, yet I just have never felt any from of sexual attraction towards him. The kisses feel like lips touching and I don't enjoy making out. I usually love sex, but with him, we barely ever do it and when we do, it feels more like a chore to me than anything.

I feel bad because he longs to hold me and see me when we are apart, and I don't feel the same way. I love spending time with him, though I enjoy the friendship side of it mostly and I feel guilty lying that I can't wait to cuddle him too or make love etc.

To make things even more complicated, I have a friend who is helping me in the studio with my music. Him and I slept together before I met my boyfriend. It was the best I ever had. Anyhow, we have so much sexual tension when we are around each other that we get argumentative because we are frustrated that we can not have sex. We feel a unique attraction, so we always need to take deep breaths around each other. It's painful.

I would never cheat on my boyfriend, but this situation has forced me to face the truth, that I lack sexual connection and depth with my boyfriend and it bother me a lot. I am also very sexually frustrated. This all makes me incredibly confused about everything.

Does anyone think my boyfriend and I still stand a chance and how, or do you think it is a lost cause? Can physical attraction eventually develop? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ( We've been dating 10 months long distance, see each other about 2 times a month)
Perfect Boyfriend yet no sexual attraction or depth
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