Why does me call me 'his love' if he has a girlfriend?

My friend keeps calling me his love even though he just got himself a girlfriend!

Why does he do this?

It's not like a pet name for me...it's just that on every opportunity we're together he tries to show me that he cares for me...touches me...makes me laugh, puts his face SO close to mine...whispers in my ear sometimes, messes up my hair, pinches me (just like in grade school xD)...

And, we were talking the other day, and joking around (teasing each other like we always do), and he tells me; ...'You should see me in bed!'!


He tells me he loves me on many occasions...but in a coy and cute way. :) I kinda do the same... He tells me he hates me and then a second later he can't take it anymore so he tells me he loves me!

And...all in all, I'm 'his love'... WTF

What does he actually mean by this?!?

I need to know. I just do! Please help!




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  • he knows how to push your buttons... and is very attracted to you but doesn't want to risk actually saying with meaning backed up with actions.. so it's much easier and safer to act the way he does and it gets you all riled up too. change the way you react and he will not have this power over you.

    • Like what for instance....?

      I can only be as I am...friendly, flirty (I just AM), and nice. Or..I can ignore him completely and perhaps be even a bit harsh sometimes, which just isn't me!

      What do I do then?

    • You already now know what he means by his actions: he is attracted to you, immature and unable to directly share with you how he feels about you with respect. so, you play cat and mouse and you attract that. If you wanted to be serious with what you want you'd say and act more directly . Just figure out what YOU want and go for it.

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  • Ugh, the "I love you / I hate you" act is a seriously bad sign. It shows a complete lack of self-control and an inability to form healthy relationships.

    Hitting on you that hard when he has a girlfriend is another seriously bad sign. Unless they're explicitly in some kind of open relationship, he's obviously willing to lie to his current gf.

    He sounds like an almost certain serial cheater and a drama queen. I'd stay the hell away from him unless you're into that kind of thing!

  • its obvious he likes ya , I mean that's no ordinary friends jks , I mean I do that but not that much! that's alot

    • What do you mean 'you do that'? You mean just casually to all your friends who are girls, or just a girl you like?

    • I mean to all girls I know , I flirt with them somtimes , and ya we say I love you in a silly way(to close 1s) , not in every time I see them ,its like every couple of times I see them(I flirt not say love you every couple of times) or when they are feeling bad or somthing , but not always.

      and I once liked a girl I knew , so I flirt with her more in any chance I get , like she got a new look or dress , I go about how beautifull she looks and you know , whenever I get un opportunity to flirt ,

  • Okay... that is just messed up.

    Is he one of those kids that have girls comming and going?

    If he is, he is just trying to get laid. Many guys do this. Don't fall fro it.

    • No... If he's in a relationship...he's in it for a long time! His ex and him were together for a year so... And the one before that a year and a half. He's definitely NOT that kinda guy. But with this girl he's dating now, I don't know what he actually feels for her, all I know is he's acting like he really wants me! ...which I don't get!

      What do you think?

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  • because perhaps he's messed in the head and doesn't know how to talk straight? or he's just playing with your mind.

    please don't hang out with guys who are just their to play with your mind...you know he's got a girlfriend. so yeah. nothing much to say here except find someone else.

  • because he wants to get with you! I woldnt get with him though, because you see how he treats his gf

  • It sounds like he is interested in you and does love you but does not want to be more than friends because he is scared of ruining your friendship and loosing you because if things go further and then go wrong. He will loose you as it will be very hard to going back to just being friends.

    Now that he has a girlfriend on the scene I would be careful about your behaviour around him and the amount of time that you spend together. You can still be friends and do things together but you should not be messing around with each other and flirting because that is not respectful to him and his girlfriend and I don't think she will be happy if she found out.

    • Believe me, I'm careful! But he's still all flirty, excessively happy and hyper around me, and he still calls me his love...so... It's no longer cute! It's WEIRD!