Religion Isn't the Worst Thing to Happen to Humanity - From an Atheist


Being an atheist, I don't believe in God but I do believe in religion. Do Not Mistake me for Agnostic. I do not believe in any kind of god. For your confirmation, GOD ISN'T REAL. NOR GOD NOR ALLAH NOR GANESHA for me. Also, I consider religion as a man-made thing or concept.

I've seen numerous questions asking if religion is the worst thing to happen to humanity. The answer is NO. Religion is one of the good things that has happened to humanity. If you wish to have an alternative answer, EGO is the worst thing that happened to humanity which has killed millions of people including people killed in WWII. And if you wish to have a materialistic answer, it is AL (Stephen Hawking's claim).

There are many points to prove religion isn't the worst thing. Here are some of these:

Religion gives us MORALS.

Religion Isn't the Worst Thing to Happen to Humanity - From an Atheist

While many argue that religion teaches us to kill, it gives us morals too. For those who think a man should create his own set of morals, do remember morals aren't subjective. Instead, they're OBJECTIVE. Morals do not change as per the person. They remain same for all. For example, suppose I think All Boys are cheaters and all girls are true lovers. We all know what is the truth. and hence this proves my point. Religion stops us from doing bad things like stealing, killing, robbing, etc

Religion Unites Us

Religion Isn't the Worst Thing to Happen to Humanity - From an Atheist

There is no religion which divides its followers. The classes like Catholics, Protestants in Christians or Shia or Sunni in Muslims aren't made by religion itself. The followers distinguish between others and that's their fault and not religion's. Imagin the world without religion. It will be full of chaos and full of racial discrimination. Also while imagining, do consider the fact that religion is around for more than 2017 years. start imagination from there.

It Gives Us Reason To Live

Religion Isn't the Worst Thing to Happen to Humanity - From an Atheist

With the increase in the number of Atheists, the graph of depression is going upwards (including me). You might not find a direct reason for that. The reason is, the mind always tries to find the reason for our existence. When Atheist mind can't find its answer, it gets depressed. But when Theist mind tries to find it, it gets an answer as something like the ultimate truth. There is an argument if the ultimate truth itself is true or not, surely it avoids depression.

It Keeps our Family together

Religion Isn't the Worst Thing to Happen to Humanity - From an Atheist

Why do we have Christmas? Why do we take every Sunday off? The direct reason for Christmas is of course religion. also for Sundays, we go to church on Sunday hence we've weekend off. You might argue that if religion wasn't there, we still would have holidays then answer is NO. Read the history of India. before the British rule, there were no weekend holidays. People used to work all days of the week.

Coming back to the point, family comes together on Chrismas or Diwali to celebrate together. It strengthens the bond between us.

It Introduces FEAR

Religion Isn't the Worst Thing to Happen to Humanity - From an Atheist

Fear is the sole reason for the existence of God till the date. By means of fear only, religion makes us do certain things but on the other hand, it stops us from doing bad things too. People do fear God and it stops them from doing bad.

It Uses Higher Authority which nobody can control

Religion Isn't the Worst Thing to Happen to Humanity - From an Atheist

The very idea of religion itself is based on god aka Higher authority. Today, if you have access to your higher authority and if you can manipulate them, nobody can control you. For example, if you are a good friend of an officer and you share drugs together, even if his juniors find you red-handed, the won't arrest you. But if you use higher authority like religion does in which god (or Jesus) himself decides what you've done and what is punishment for that, nobody can lie or escape from it. Although even if the judgment day isn't real, it still works because in your mind it is real.

I do accept that some religions are outdated (including Islam) and they give orders to kill LGBT people but do consider the fact that these religions we are following are made 2017 years ago and hence we need to modify them as per the need time.

Hope some of my points from an atheists view convince you.

Also while reading this take, do remember that each and every religion is designed to be only one.i.e independent of other religions and hence there are verses to kill men of other religions in order to make the killing religion stronger and bigger. This fact proves my argument that religion is man made.

If you wish to create an opposite myTake of this, do it! I'd love to read it. But please don't make it anonymous as I made this with my real identity.

Religion Isn't the Worst Thing to Happen to Humanity - From an Atheist
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  • Anonymous
    1. Most Atheists I know are more moral than most of the religious people.
    2. Nah, nation unites us, religions just cause discord inside various nations (e. g Ireland - conflict between catholics and protestants).
    3. LOL, nope, either you have reason to live, either you don't, it's all individual, religion can give reasons only to primitive minds.
    4. Wrong again, if you have good relationship between family members, every problem can be solved, regardless of your "religion". PS - you just uncovered yourself, because you are obviously not an Atheist... real atheists don't celebrate religious holidays.
    5. Moral people don't do bad things, because they know it's wrong, not because they have to fear some imaginary creature who would "punish them".
    6. Higher authority - sounds like a dictatorship to me (typical for judeo-christian-islamic extremists).

    1. Stop pretending to be an "atheist" who glorifies religious mumbo-jumbo;
    2. Stop pretending to be a woman who trashes feminism (by deliberately confusing it with feminazism).
    3. Stop pretending to be an "ex vegetarian" who "discovered" that eating meat is "good for you".
    4. Stop pretending to be a woman who "likes anal" (no sane person likes it, cause anus is not a sex organ).
    5. Stop preaching people about how communism is "bad" (by deliberately mixing it with Stalinism) - you don't know what real Communism is.
    6. Stop playing "intellectual", with quasi-philosophical phrases and false logic, we all know that you're just a bigot who's trying to impose your opinion.
    7. Cut the crap with "real identity" claims, because your name is not "Political Dude", and that's not your photo ;)
    Nuff said.
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you for MHO

Most Helpful Girl

  • Rainie_
    Though I am an atheist, Christianity turned my parents around for the better from an irresponsible hippie young dad and a cold, rude, selfish woman to responsible, giving and loving parents. it gave them guidance on how to better themselves and I can't hate Christianity for that and I'm sure they're not the only ones changed like that.
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  • ladsin
    You responded to my question, so I'll make a few responses to your Take!

    1.) Religion gives us morals. Not really? They set down laws, do this or you die, don't do this and you die. etc. I would hardly call that a moral system. Divine Command theory of morality/ ethics makes a joke of the entire discussion. Religions do not treat humans as moral agents, but makes us into dogs just not getting on the couch because we're afraid to be beat.
    2.) Religion is the fire for much discrimination. Certain portions of the Quran tell you to enslave and kill the non-believers. Certain portions of the Bible tell you to do the same. Homophobia is also prevalent in particular, in the Abrahamic traditions. The ill treatment of women is also written into these holy texts in most cases treating them, or specifically calling them, property.
    3.) Perhaps, I'm aware that some studies have shown that atheists are more likely to commit suicide, although as you pointed out there's no causal relation. Perhaps atheists are just discriminated against by their families and are as a result more likely to be depressed? I don't know
    4.) I think this notion is silly. Perhaps you're serious, but I can't really believe that. You honestly believe that if there were no religion we wouldn't know how to take a day off work? Most of our holidays aren't even religious anyway. MLK day, president's day, independence day, groundhogs day, etc. That, and family has ripped many families apart. Even gentle Jesus meek and mild said that noone gets into heaven unless he hates his mother and brothers.
    5.) It may stop someone from doing a bad thing, or it may encourage them to do a bad thing. A woman near my hometown drowned her two baby boys out of fear that if they grew up they may risk going to hell.

    "Also while reading this take, do remember that each and every religion is designed to be only one. i. e independent of other religions and hence there are verses to kill men of other religions in order to make the killing religion stronger and bigger. This fact proves my argument that religion is man made." This seems to undermine your entire idea that religion brings us together.
  • Maik567
    "For your confirmation, GOD ISN'T REAL. NOR GOD NOR ALLAH NOR GANESHA for me."

    Source? I'm not religious either but dumb statements like these really don't help your cause. Nobody knows whether a higher power truly exists, there is no scientific proof to support the idea of there being a god but there is no scientific proof to disprove the chance of that either. As advanced as science is, we still can't even explain consciousness so it's ridiculous for you to make statements like that.
    • oddwaffle

      It's a mistake a lot of religious people make. You don't prove something that doesn't. You can only disprove something that doesn't.

      This is the reason why all science refers to "null hypothesis".

      For example, you wanted to know if ghost exists or not. Your hypothesis is "there are ghosts" and your null hypothesis is "there is no ghost". To prove ghost exists, you must disprove your null hypothesis.

      You need to gather evidence and proof saying something exists and it's not something else other than ghosts. When that reaches a critical number, you disprove your null hypothesis and therefore your hypothesis has grounds.

    • Statement I used is subjective and hence I don't need to give you source for that. This is what it think that's why I wrote *for me * at the end

    • Maik567

      @oddwaffle Except I was not making the claim that god exists, the author of this mytake was claiming that god is not real. If he is to state that then as you said he is the one with the burden of proof.

      I'm not a religious person, but I also don't claim to know what happens after death or about the meaning (or lack thereof) of our existense.

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  • D_Bone_Steak
    Atheist here too and I can't help but feel the same although, anecdotally speaking, I would have to add that the art of simply not being a dick to others tends to vary naturally amongst us. Religion as well as law really helps to smooth things out, or control I should say, those that innately are going to be a dick to other human beings.

    With the absence of religion at home I think a requirement of an ethics class amongst the young would be as beneficial as the sex education that they already receive. By the way, by "ethics class" I mean similar to what's found in a philosophy college course (would love to add logic too).

    I say this because currently as atheism is becoming the new norm, those that received social controls based off of religious council are similar to the analogy of a dangerous dog off it's leash.

    As for the religions of peace out there, and satire is required here, religion can and tends to vere those with dickish tendencies onto a dangerous path for others around them... that control factor used not to control, but to use as a force against those that are not part of the social group they identify with.

    In a nutshell... logic and ethics seems to be missing amongst many of our society and the vacuum that religion once filled in western society could be filled with some logic and ethics. Dare I mention how bipartisan politics seems to be filling that gap for many as well...
  • sketchy
    You're confusing sociality and religion.

    For example, morals are the result of sociality, not religion. They are nothing more than a set of behaviors that have evolved to promote the well-being of the social group as a whole (at the expense of the individual and members of other social groups). This is why most religions share the same basic morals. Plenty of other animal species demonstrate exactly the same morals too, for exactly the same reasons.

    Likewise, every society has laws and punishments which ensure that members of the social group act according to those behaviors (morals) - and again, this is seen in other animal species as well.

    Religion actually only contributes three things:
    1.) A cute story to make the rules more interesting and memorable.
    2.) Added incentives to follow the rules (every good or bad event is a direct consequence of you following the rules or not, and what happens when you die will be unimaginably good or bad depending on whether you followed the rules or not).
    3.) Monetization...
  • taleswapper
    Alas, none of these are true. Let's go through them one by one.
    "Religion gives us MORALS."
    Morals:. a person's standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do. Please note, they are NOT objective, but subjective; each person has their own set. Most are achieved through upbringing and experience; religion is a tiny fraction of that. Even a common social and religious background doesn't produce the same morality, which is why morals can differ even within a single family.
    "Religion Unites Us" And then the OP goes on to explain that it's not true; that people of even the same religion can divide into sects and turn on each other. And he completely misses the part were people of DIFFERENT religions do, as well.
    "It Gives Us Reason To Live" The OP posits that religion helps with depression; that atheists are more likely to commit suicide, but that people of faith will not. This IS true, but only partly. IF one is suicidal already, a religious proscription has an ameliorating factor. But religious conflicts and martyrdom overwhelm the statistical difference.

    "It Introduces FEAR" Not sure this is even helpful. Fear existed long before religion. It's basically just a restatement of the first thought about morality, but in a negative light. Worse, historically people do horrific things and use religion as a justification, from "honor rapes" to crusades/jihads.

    "It Uses Higher Authority which nobody can control" Utterly false. Any two-bit preacher can put words in God's mouth; we see it time and again. Instead, it allows people to by-pass their morality by claiming something is "God's Will", and therefore excusing otherwise inexcusable behavior.
  • Metaanio
    I agree, religion gives hope for millions of people. Sure, wars and violence has been defended and justified with religions, but if religions wouldn't excist, they would just justify it by some other ideology.

    Old religions like Abrahamic religions (except maybe Bahá'í Faith) shouldn't be followed blindly, because of old habits that were normal 2000 years ago.
  • jacquesvol
    That was true indeed... when hunters gatherers started to live in tribes, hundreds of thousands years ago..
    • Reason we're here is our past. With science we don't need religion but that doesn't mean it never really helped humanity

    • What you wrote is Justification of religion's existence. I agree with you but this take is against the people who keep ranting against religion, calling it Shit. I think religion has helps lot and this is a take to describe it

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  • Curmudgeon
    Well said. In fact, the most murderous ideology was explicitly anti-religious, and the second most murderous ideology was neo-pagan. People forget that.

  • HamAndCheese
    So I'm not the only atheist who feels this way... good. The way I explained it to others is that atheism gives individuals the freedom to dictate and enforce their own morals and ethics. Freedom, in this case as in many others is power, and power comes with responsibility. Many seem to think that atheism is freedom FROM morals, ethics, and responsibility, consequently, I feel that religion is a necessary element to a healthy society, at least until said society is moral and responsible.
  • bigpen15
    Religion Is one of the worst things to happen to humanity for a couple of reasons, the first and foremost is that the churches for the most part demand money and pocket some of it without the public knowledge witch is also illegal and the second reason is that they give peasants like you fake hope for something after life.
  • BuckWild
    Personally, I don't need any external factor or influence for me to know that the best way to live my life is to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. The classic golden rule. While not truly atheist, I am agnostic, and the golden rule has always seemed obvious to me. I don't imagine just waking up one day and having the epiphany that murder is wrong and I think I won't do it and I sure hope nobody tries to murder either my loved ones or myself.

    Perhaps I am naive but maybe some people really have to be shown that doing wrong to others isn't right, especially considering that the other person or their family or clan could easily do the same thing or worse back to you.
  • Asad1ONE1
    One of the best Takes I've read on here. I am very proud of the lack of ignorance on your part, especially from someone who isn't religious. Many so called religious people may not even know of this lol.
  • sean1234
    God exists and Jesus his son does to. This world has rules. What is bad and good? That by itself proves that God exists. Is murder evil? Is Stealing or rape evil? Yes? It is? Are you sure? Why? God makes the Rules. God says what's good and evil and has done so since the beginning of time.

    The reason why evil exists, why horrible things happen is because of religion. A religion is a believe in something that is unshakable that usually makes other peoples lives horrible around you. There is nothing I can do to teach people why DOnald and Hillary Clinton are the same and frei
    • sean1234

      There is nothing I can do to teach people why Donald and Hillary Clinton are the same and have been friends for 20+ years. No matter how many videos, no matter how much proof. It's like a religion and it's destroying everything.

    • jacquesvol

      There's no proof for any god and not even proof for a human Jesus.
      We only can't exclude the probability that among the many rabbis in Israel 20 centuries ago, SEVERAL were named Yoshua. (a very common name there and then).

    • sean1234

      @jacquesvol Out of all the preachers and people trying to translate the holy bible this guy Walter Veith makes more sense than anyone I have ever seen.

      It's long and there is a part 2 and 3 but still, tell me what you think. He gets into such specific detail and always makes sense.

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  • Water_Bottle
    This is what poverty of thought does to the world. What is the root of all religions? You don't know. And if you did you'd have never said what you said because you'd understand how there's no veil between the answer and your proposition.
  • Josht13
    If you don't kill someone because of religion then you are fucked.
    • Not as fucked as the murder victim would have been though.

  • CubsterShura
    I see what you're getting there.
  • Anonymous
    you are an atheist you are stupid
    you have nothing good to say lol

    shut up

    Jesus Christ is above the waters no excuses anymore for anyone
  • Anonymous
    you are right
  • Anonymous
    If religion didn't exist, you would be OK with sleeping with your mom or daughter. Godless Western world = Seeing your mom or daughter in porn, millions of abortions, prostitution, sex parties, one night stands, group sex even among couples and so forth.
  • Anonymous
    Ego is a big one. But so is greed. Greed is another on of the worst things to happen to humanity. Greed and desires for material wealth and material possessions, as well as lust for power, control, status, influence, or whatever the fuck you want to call it. Some people are going to do what ever it takes to retain and maintain their power, position, influence, control, regardless of right or wrong. People screw each other over all the time over money and finances, etc. But what can we do? People are always going to desire and they can become greedy. It's been that way perpetually.

    It's really funny to think about it how people make such a big deal over all the various things that can be gained and accumulated in this world and show them off, or that they have a big fat wallet or a big fucking bank account. What they don't see is how empty it all really is. All of that which you desire whether it's money, fame, power, fortune, or material possessions that you desire and had accumulated in this world does not exactly make you feel fulfilled. And then inevitably, people will die, and they'll lose all of those things that they had attained and gained in life, It makes one wonder what was it all for? Was being greedy for all those things really worth it? Was it worth screwing over others to attain whatever the fuck that they desired to have at all costs or to wanted so badly, worth the price?
  • Anonymous
    Socialism that thing so many atheists love has its roots in Christianity.