Jesus always provides when you need him the most!

Jesus always provides when you need him the most!

I wrote a previous myTake "The latest issues in Australia show one thing. We need to learn about respect!" and had comments that really hurt me. Being a Christian I definitely know that we have beliefs that society don't like at all, but instead of degrading Christians because we have different views with society, we should be treated with respect. This constant degrading towards my beliefs (especially the comments made on my previous myTake) made me think again of suicide, something I had previously thought of because I was targeted and degraded for my beliefs. I was in pain, my heart torn to shreds at the fact people are so low and just rip people apart because they have beliefs that are not what society follows and indirectly saying to "Shut up you imbecile".

In the pain I was in I ended up searching the internet on why people are so anti-Christian and ended up finding a bible passage that just made everything fit together and made me realise that this is what my life is as a follower of Jesus Christ. I had to share it for others especially to other Christians to read and understand that this is our life.

" “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the one who sent me. If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin. Whoever hates me hates my Father as well. If I had not done among them the works no one else did, they would not be guilty of sin. As it is, they have seen, and yet they have hated both me and my Father. But this is to fulfill what is written in their Law: ‘They hated me without reason.’ " (John 15:18-25)

The amazing thing about bible passages is everyone looks at it a different way. To me it's saying to realise that Jesus was also hated at his time. If you follow societies views, society will love you. Instead Christians don't follow societies views because we follow Jesus and believe in his teachings. In doing so society hates us Christians.

It's a tough pill to swallow... That society will continue degrading Christians because we follow Jesus and believe in his teachings. Everyone is unique and we should all accept the fact people are different and have different views and beliefs. But by reading this bible passage it's just obvious that any Christian who tries to express their beliefs will always be treated with hate and degraded. Society should definitely know better, to treat others beliefs and views in a respectful way, but this bible passage has shown me that is never going to happen and us Christians should realise it and continue to be pushed around and spat upon like what happened to Jesus on his way to Calvary.

Jesus always provides when you need him the most!
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  • AbleLearner
    I suffered from severe depression and anxiety for decades, and even a mild case of undiagnosed schizophrenia. I used to pray "in the name of Jesus" until I was blue in the face to be healed of these things and related problems, and never once did God answer my prayers.

    Eventually, I ended up in a mental healthy hospital several years ago, and the Psychologists and Psychiatrists, after a few years, figured out the right combination of medicines to put me on, and totally cured the illness.

    Moreover, when I quit believing in Jesus, and was put on the right medicine, most of my sinful habits went away immediately too.

    So mental illness, including sinful habits, are a treatable chemical imbalance which is curable with a pill you can purchase at any pharmacy with a prescription.

    So prayer "in the name of Jesus" does not work, not even to save your own mind, but a pill prescribed by a doctor DOES work.

    Therefore Jesus is provably a false prophet, and the real God DOES NOT honor prayer in the name of Jesus... in spite of the fact I've had several prophetic dreams come to pass, NONE of them commanded me or anyone else to worship Jesus, for example. Most of them were matters of Wisdom and assurance that the real God had everything under control.

    So Jesus does not provide anything. He is provably a false prophet, and in all likelihood went to eternal hell. His disciples are provably false prophets, and not even one word of any of their prophecies has EVER come to pass.
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  • Old_-_Soul
    I have been many things throughout this life. I am currently spiritual but not particularly religious. I do believe in the right to believe as one chooses. What does bother me about any religion is when they feel the need to push their belief system on me a/o treat me lesser because I do not hold their beliefs.
    After reading the entire thing; First, there are bigots out there towards any given group. It was wrong to attempt to make you feel lesser just so they can feel some false sense of power for having done so.
    Second, The passage you quoted and what you had to say about it felt like you were looking to not be accepted and possibly to "normalize" or even excuse the actions taken against you in your previous post. In most cases, when I see someone self-sacrificing to either turn themselves into the victim or to make sure someone gets what they think that person wants, I refer to it as playing "martyr." This is what I see in both your response to the passage and the passage itself.
    I personally prefer the following: "Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your Law, 'I have said you are "gods"'?" John 10:34
    It is far more empowering with far reaching theological implications.
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  • Randomawkwardness
    Oh, so you want respect? I'm atheist and do you know how many times the 'magical word of god' has been shoved at me? How many times I've been told I'm going to hell for not believing in what you believe? No one degrades you because you believe in God, they get mad because you shove it down peoples throats and then act superior as if you're somehow better than others for believing in a book. If you really asked, you would know that I'm not even against Christianity, I know most people need faith in order to keep purpose in life but you definitely don't see me running around and telling people their God is fake - even if there is actual evidence against the existence of him and the bible. If you want respect, respect others first.
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    • Anonymous

      Wow this website is crap. I’m trying to change people’s ways towards people and if all your going to do is hate minority groups. I’m off, good bye. Also one day you doing this will possibly leave you alone and isolated, respect everyone whatever their beliefs.

    • Minority? Christianity has held a majority and people have been killed for not believing in it. I said I will respect you if you respect me. I'm not going to respect someone who shoves their religion on me and tells me I'm going to hell. If you don't do that, then we don't have a problem.

    • Old_-_Soul

      You are being just as belligerent as the christians you are mad at for telling you that you are going to hell!
      NOBODY has the right to force their beliefs (lack of beliefs is inherently a belief as well) on Anyone! Not the Christian on anyone else anymore than the atheist on any believer.
      We have all been degraded in some way by someone who believes different than we do. Myself included. This does not give us the right to do EXACTLY what we hated having done to us, to another.
      I can only hope that my response here and on the main responses can give you, at least some of, what will eventually open your mind past the bigotry that has been going back and forth.

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  • Davis04
    I honestly didn’t read everything you put on here but Christians are the most judgmental pricks on Earth!! I was raised a Christian and my whole family are strict Christians. But I left that religion...

    My family are so brainwashed!! My mom is such a devote Christian that her hatred for other religions is disgusting!! She has gay friends but talks shit about them for being gay = who the hell does that = obviously two faced people! You wanna talk about respect... then you Christians should learn to accept and respect other religions too!! Y’all think your religion is the only one in the whole entire world = IT AIN’T. Y’all are some narrow minded people I swear!!
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  • WhatTheHellAmy2
    There will be a day where we have to be killed for our beliefs.
    That's the day where our faith will be tested in the most difficult way.

    Being a christian is not easy and I'm happy you understand it.
    I found God recently and I'm happy I did. Don't let people put you down.
    Just focus on God and let the world roll.
  • AreWeHuman
    A lot of you are arguing with the person who wrote this and I can see where he is coming but Christians are the most persecuted religion group. No doubt about it. Even a quick Google search will tell you of the hundreds of Christians killed each year because of their beliefs.
    • Old_-_Soul

      Could you please back your claim with links to a few relevant articles/sources?
      (I am not arguing with you. I could see that position. I am only asking you to back your claim with evidence.)

    • AreWeHuman


      Quick Google search would've gave you hundreds of results. I've tried to send about 8 links to different websites but I get "something went wrong, try again".

    • AreWeHuman

      @Old_-_Soul I pm you the links.

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  • mferg
    Dude... Christians are the dominant religion. A plurality of people are christians. You are the least marginalized group in history. Stop playing the victim cause you're acceptionally bad at it. People have as much of right to criticize your beliefs as you have to hold those beliefs in the first place. You aren't being oppressed bro. It's called a disagreement and if that's the card you're playing you're beliefs are quite fragile.
  • MannySimms
    I'm glad that works for you. My problem is that there's NO proof that the savior you believe in ever existed. The Romans kept great records and there were hundreds of "messiahs" executed every month. Makes you wonder, right?
  • Marilynjuana
    So what about the young kids being trafficked? People living in slums full of disease and murder? Children abused by their parents? Adults who are driven to suicide? God loves them too, huh?
    • Marilynjuana

      Oh and please let’s not start with the “if things are bad then it’s because of humans, if things are good then it’s God”

    • AbleLearner

      God is not responsible for the evil produced by human Free Moral Agency. If God forced everyone to be good against their will, then they wouldn't be Free Moral Agents.

      the evil people will be punished in Hell, or whatever punishment the real God has, while the righteous people will be rewarded in Heaven or whatever reward God has.

    • October808

      @AbleLearner Free will is a myth if there is an all seeing, all knowing entity that knows what you will do befoe you do it. That's not free will dude. You cannot have an all knowing, all seeing god in the same sentence as "free will". You see the contradiction?

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  • sheepdip
    No, we dislike Christianity for the harm it has done.
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    I agree. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. I think many g@g members rage at this because they are demonic and want to live in unrighteousness via unbelief, sexual immorality or other things.
    religion is for mindless tools
  • KaraAyna
    Good take
  • Anonymous
    Cold comfort for those who died or lived in pain, waiting for him to come provide.