Why Jesus cares for children

Why Jesus cares for children

Jesus said the kingdom of God belongs to children and unless you change and become like a child you cannot enter the kingdom of God and whoever humbles himself like a child is greatest in the kingdom of God.

Children have four qualities

1. They are honest and true to themselves

2. They are simple and uncomplicated

3. They are ignorant about the world and don’t understand how evil people think and they trust everybody

4. They don’t care about their social status

Why Jesus cares for children
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  • Cannot agree with you more! 😊 great take!
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  • jimmy2
    Children are gifts from God
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  • Enochian
    Yes. Those are most of the qualities children possess. Sometimes I wish I never had to grow up and just be like that. But of course, that's not the reality we live in.
  • BlueScorpio
    Yep exactly! You pretty much nailed it. A lot of people don't understand what Jesus meant by saying that scripture, but it simple means to be pure at heart/innocent. Kids are very pure, they don't hate to hate, they are not racist, or hold grudges, or corrupted by greed due to capitalism. They are care free and just want to have fun and make friends. It isn't until kids become observant of their surroundings and absorbs all the evil thats going on in the world. They mostly see/learn this from adults.
  • ItsTheNephilim
    Yeah true, children have those qualities. But lol no, God doesn't care about children.
  • Ianto
    What is your opinion of an omnipotent being who cares so much about children he let's them be abused, raped, and mudered. When that guy said "Suffer the little children..." he meant it!
    • God also would be immoral to violate our free will. Free will can be used for good or for evil. Just as you have the right to feed the hungry and love others, sinners have the right to commit sins and do evil. It is wrong but it is their freedom to do wrong.

    • Ianto

      @Cryptic-Game I'm not sure I understand your argument. You seem to be saying the police shouldn't prevent rape because of the rapist's "rights". What about the victim's rights and wellbeing?

    • I didn't say that. I said the sinner has the right to rebel. Didn't say they shouldn't expect consequences.

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  • wondering_guy
    If he cares for them he wouldn't let bad things happen to them.

    I don't mind people having faith and a religion but if you preach stuff like this I will have my say
    • God does care, you can't blame God for the terrible acts of humanity done upon children. There's no law or rules that only good things should happen to good people and only bad things should happen to bad people. That's not how life works, it would of it we continued to listen to God but we don't. God never said life was always going to be fair but He said it would be worth it. Everything in life is meant to help us grow and build character as person, regardless if it's good or bad. Jesus had to give His life up at the age of 30 years old, if you ask me that is still pretty young but you don't see Him blaming God for it. He knew He had a mission and that was to save sinners/humanity.

    • Innocent people being raped, kids being abused, you saying that supposed to help them grow and be worth it, is that what you saying

  • venomhbk1313
    He cares about them because they are the future of the world around the globe and he doesn't want to see anything happen to them
  • God loves children he thinks their delicious. Tenderhearted women have cooked their own children and eaten them in order to survive the siege. But now the anger of the LORD is satisfied (Lamentations 4:9-11)
    as was written in the law of Moses: that one after another of us should eat the flesh of his son or of his daughter (Baruch 2:1-4)
    Parents will eat their own children, and children will eat their parents. And I will punish you by scattering the few who survive to the far reaches of the earth. (Ezekiel 5:7-10)
  • Cryptic-Game
    Great points. I am often very trusting too.

    Another thing is that children don't worry about things as much. Us adults worry too much.
  • DavidDong
    I dont think number 3 is a valid point, that would mean literally noone can go in, age and experience deny you that.

    To trust anyone is also a no, kindness must be spread indiscriminitorily, a druggy could ask for money saying they want a bus, you should oblige, that type of thing. Do you trust them? No, did you do the right thing and help their suffering, yeah.

    I believe even a criminal can go to heaven as long as they repent, through action sure but you must be cleaned from within, that you act wholeheartedly and caring.

    No, people are meant to grow up, depends on how you grow up and behave
  • LeftHappy
    I feel better now for the way i act sometimes, i might get in the Kingdom then?
  • mdot415
    Jesus and God don't exist. This is an irrelevant question.
    • Wrong.

    • mdot415

      Right. What about all the starving and abused children? Your God must hate those damn innocent children. Use your brain.

    • @mdot415 This isn’t heaven🤷‍♂️. This is the devils playground. But, “We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

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    i'd like to think those qualities are all completely true
  • wishingcouple14
    God and jesus are both made up things to explain life. No different then the Greek Gods to explain why things are the way they are.
    • Yet you have no evidence to support they are made up.

    • You have no evidence to prove they exist. And what you will claim has no proof to be what people claim it is. God and jesus are fake, end of story.

    • Then provide they are made up, wuss.

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  • DaMack999
    Stop this balony you're spreading. God never said he begotton a son.
  • Bratsondanielle
    I thought Jesse was suppose 2 care 4 everyone yo?
  • kemo56
    Perfect description
  • msc545
    Very touching and very nice!
  • Jupiter1
    Actually, Jesus cares for EVERYONE.
  • Anonymous
    If your god cared about kids, it wouldn’t let them die in horrible situations and sicknesses. It wouldn’t let them be tortured and molested.
    If you have the power to protect the truly innocent but do not... you are evil.
  • Anonymous
    Where is Jesus when kids die from poverty?
    • Estellaaa

      He said vengeance is His, and that he is coming soon to pay pack what had done to his children. In the Bible you reap what you do and all the evil people In world He is going to deal with