The Mark of the Beast - My UNIQUE opinion

The Mark of the Beast - My UNIQUE opinion

So a friend of mine told me something that helped me figure this out

He said in certain translations of the bible the mark of the beast is actually 616

So Lamech prophesied he would be avenged 77 times and he is the 8th generation from Adam

77 x 8 = 616

666 is a sign of satire since it is the trinity of knowledge from the forbidden tree that Adam and Eve stole fruit from from God

666 is a numerological number meaning satire

And Lamech mocked the the protection and wrath of God by killing Cain and he mocked his wives by being the first adulterer in the bible since he had two wives - he also mocked the grace of God by assuming he would not be condemned despite suffering the vengeance of Cain 7 times over

So Lamech the name of the beast is a sign of mockery - his name also means despair

And the bible says that mocking others leads to despair

And to carry the mark on the forehead is to mock God by worshiping idols or the material and physical and sexual and aesthetic world

And the carry the mark on the right hand is to mock human beings by judging them with your real or imagined level of righteousness than graciously forgiving them

When you mock God with your idols - when you mock human beings with your moral superiority over them - you are unable to give people and things or God the respect and love and attention and care and patience they deserve

This is the mark of the beast - when people disrespect God or human beings by viewing them as light hearted jokes and images of dissension and disrespect

The Mark of the Beast - My UNIQUE opinion
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  • ShadowofRegret
    Hmm, that's an interesting analysis, I will keep that in mind, you might be onto something there.
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  • Agape93
    Interesting take on it
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  • Girther10
    Those things don’t make a “mark’, they are things the beast, or Lucifer, wants us to do or feel. They don’t represent what “the mark of the beast” means, in my opinion. But most of your narrative is understandable, and give reasons to ponder this topic even more.
    • Girther10

      I think the mark of the beast is something along the lines of being dependent on a state for our very distance, to comply with the beast, or state, is granting loyalty, like a credit card, or card of some kind, that gives us what we need to live.

    • Girther10

      *existence- not distance

  • willisg
    There are only two unforgivable sins. Waring the mark of the beast and talking bad about the Holy Spirit.
    People actually for got the other reason why Jesus Sacrificed his life was to bring the "Helper" the " Holy Spirit ".
    Waring the Mark of the beast is voluntary. the same as loving God. A person with true faith is not worried about the mark of the beast. Jesus said, worry about the devil he could kill your soul.
    • Ratmuffin

      They say the only people that are truly free of sin were aborted because they didn't live and therefore never had a chance to sin.. but im sure ill get crucified for stating this

    • willisg

      You are right. Every one else is a sinner that Jesus came down to save. Pain is a sin, death is a sin, sickness is a sin, bad weather is a curse, driving a cr is tempting God, having different kinds churches worshipping one God is a sin, hate is a sin, burdening God's people is an act against God. I could go on about the world we messed up.

    • Ratmuffin

      Wow. I appreciate you. Most people would burn me where i stand.

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  • Liam_Hayden
    Nero's full title, Neron Caesar, when transliterated from Greek to Hebrew gives a word that has a numerical value of six hundred sixty-six. Transliterated from Latin to Hebrew gives a value of 616, thus that variant. Nero was also nicknamed "The Beast." That the individual would be someone who had the same spirit as Nero seems pretty clear.
  • meesegoMoo
    Trinity of knowledge? Where are you getting that from? I'm assuming your into that whole light-polytheism movement they've been pushing to separate us from Jews too.
  • infinitepowerof369
    ·" If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9 , then you would... "Nikola Tesla.. words and numbers aren't evil, humanity is the true vessel for evil and all things good, can't have 1 without the other..
  • That's a very wise analysis, madam Jennifer. You are wonderfully intelligent and highly spiritually minded. I love that in a woman.

    Yes, I've heard of it could be 616 or 666 but those are the only 2 possibilities. Many people will accept this mark, whether unknowingly or knowingly.
  • OddBeMe
    There are so many number “prophesies” bc they add up and divide so easily. There’s one where you add birthdays of all your relatives, but then you think about it, it’s logical.

    So don’t be swayed this. Look for logical evidence.
  • Natashakir72
    Uhmm oookk? Well that's definitely gonna help me in life
  • all i know is that there will be the mark of the beast and an anti christ which i feel he is near
    • and honestly i think this pandemic is the beginning, cause things are happening, like the rsin of fish in Venezuela yesterday, god is helping people in need and i have the feeling this false prophet will be taking credit for all these phenomenons, i also believe that after this pandemic countries won't be so worried on war which would bring world peace which would be another sign, im starting to put all the pieces together, but tbh, hopefully im wrong

  • Flwrguy
    The mark of the best is on your hand and ur head meaning your actions ( hand) and what ur intentions ( head) are doing.
  • 888theGreat
    God's number is 777, the Jewish Star is made of 7's, Satan's number is 666.
  • MeatPuppet
    Here's what I think: The Number of the Beast is a pretty dope song.
  • 1828avaava1828
    I’m just out to find... the better part of me.
    intesting... you right, we gotta forgive
    Then what is it when you mock God in your heart?
  • jannjann
  • Anonymous
    Hi I'm the beast. I don't know who decided that my favourite number is 616 or 666, maybe it was those pesky Romans. I'm just a regular old devil that likes convincing good meaning Christians to do bad deeds and stray away from Jesus. I don't really have the time to concern myself with maths or numerology. What use would a beast like me have with numbers?
    • Anonymous

      Just remember that Bush did 911 and the Illuminati made vaccines to control people.

  • Anonymous
    Where did you learn to write? So, instead of using periods, you use line spaces between each sentence? Well, I guess I've seen worse, but still - pretty bad.

    As for the content, there's no substantial validity to the theory - at least the second part.
    • Girther10

      @Anonymous (of course)- There are many many opinions and narratives written just like that on here. It is NOT unusual, it is not incorrect either. Where did YOU learn to write- or did you? “Substantial validity”? Who gets to decide that? The reader does. You saying there’s nothing substantial is ONLY your opinion. You should include that, rather than your implication it is a fact.

    • Anonymous

      @Girther10, Of course, it's unusual, and it's definitely incorrect, for an essay. You're 40 years old and you don't know that? (And don't talk about me being anonymous when your profile is "private".)

      It goes without saying that it was my opinion (as is everyone's comment/opinion on the page and website). It also goes without saying that the "my take" is an opinion (especially when it doesn't have any references/sources). And I stand by what I said about the content.