Some Encouragement I found for planning my life during this unproductive time - a Biblical View

Some Encouragement I found for planning my life during this unproductive time - a Biblical View

A pastor said "God does not choose the qualified - he qualifies the chosen." Meaning you don't have to have the skills or experience or knowledge when you first begin your career or your religious pursuit or your social obligations - God will allow you to gain those abilities over time

Jesus said the house that was well built dug deep - meaning - sometimes we spend fruitless months or weeks or years building our life foundation and people might not understand or appreciate our sacrifice when they see no house or upper rooms when the basement is hidden from level view but know the process work is according to Jesus even more important than the productive work that gets you visibility and recognition in the world so don't mock yourself or feel like a failure if your work is largely invisible and not something the world can see

Jesus said you don't have to achieve equality with the great you just have to multiply what you have and Jesus spoke of knowledge as currency meaning you don't have an obligation to fatten your bank account - you have an obligation to fatten your spiritual and social and emotional and psychological and philosophical knowledge and this knowledge is more valuable than money in determining how long you live and how God will treat you on earth and after death

Adam and Eve were called to work even before they ate the forbidden fruit so why would God make them work in paradise? It's because work is a blessing and not just a burden people fulfill to satisfy their bank statement. At least moderate and well adjusted work done by experienced and matured hands. When we work we are taking part in God's creation - God cares for the people and we care for the earth and the ability to mirror God in our ways brings us a deep satisfaction that pleasure and vain pursuit cannot buy. This is why Anne Frank said "work brings satisfaction." We might not like the taste of broccoli but I assure you we will crave it like dogs if we are denied vegetables for a week.

Some Encouragement I found for planning my life during this unproductive time - a Biblical View
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  • I like this! This is very good! Thank you! :)
    It means a lot to me, because visually and age wise, i don't have much to offer but I have been learning about other things. Investing in hidden parts that people can't see. Some for bad unfortunately but hopefully, mostly for good. And it's also being from where I am and what I have been given. I have not been given a lot and it's hard to work from a place lacking in support. Things would have been different if I was allowed to get a simple job sooner but fear of the unknown of what a job would do to my mom's benefits as a teenager made it hard because she had injuries and went onto government support sooner. So not having full knowledge, I avoided work to protect our place to live. It's been a hard and confusing road for me. But knowing that God sees me where I'm at, not where I should be, is comforting to remember.
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    • Plus, work is something I'm getting ready for, so it's a good feeling to have a desire, to look forward to working in a decent job hopefully soon

    • Yes good to have dreams Jjpayne!

    • Thank you :)

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  • arabgoddess
    Omg the best take! You should become a guest speaker... Your knowledge is remarkable, your studies are paying off!
    It gives me hope when you say that God qualifies the chosen... I feel as though I have no qualifications.
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    • You have a lot of insight from my interactions with you on this site - you've got good judgment which is valuable in this world

    • That's so sweet. Thank you ♥ ♥ well you inspire me very much ☺ ☺ God bless you! Keep up the awesome God-loving posts 👍 👍 👍

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  • NYCQuestions1976
    Well you're definitely dedicated, that's for sure...
  • cth96190
    What I learned was the God hated me and was a sadist.
  • I wish people spent more time studying this much on real things.
  • DanOh2018
    Working is wonderful, when you aren't being exploited by heartless corporate masters.
  • Cryptic-Game
    Yes. Humans were originally not meant to work. The curse of sin brought work upon us.
  • mikodanco
    i dont know what your saying but this is one of the last time no such happiness
  • akanetuk
    God cares for us, provided we are open to His LOVE
  • I like this very good miss Bloom
    AMEN, sister @jennifer_bloom
  • Good mytake
  • Its a beautiful life in God