The number one trait to being successfully religious

The number one trait to being successfully religious

Why are new converts often more loving than mature believers?

Why are casually religious people often more ethical than severely religious people?

Why do some people devote their entire lives to God and fail to find him?

Why do some people lost interest in God after becoming obsessively religious just years or decades before?

The answer is humility

Humility before God

Humility before life

Humility before human beings

This is why Jesus talks about the salt that loses its saltiness

If you take God for granted and no longer feel humble before the ultimate being - what is left on earth that can humble you and make you right?

So maintain humility and don’t ever lose it

The number one trait to being successfully religious
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  • lilyanony1
    Because Instistutions that are meant to educate usually are corrupted by 'man'.

    If you read most religions they say something about not praising or upholding any man above God!

    Now a lot of the time because people don't truly understand the religion and don't believe they have a real connection to their religious being they allow the weight of the keeper, ie priest, rabbi, pastor etc words be of more significance than the word of the book.

    These people are supposed to be spiritual guides. But power is a dangerous thing.
    When you make someone feel powerful they can really do some dangerous things, intentional sometimes unintentional.

    Were all flawed.

    Also a lot of these establishments are 'not for profit' right so they rely on the income of charity.
    You need to make the people believe that they are doing something for the benefit of the faith. And to some extent it really isn't bad if they are offering a service that really works in the favour of the wider community then.

    But most times we find to really get people to commit you have to tap into that persons core.

    Prestige seems to really make people wet.
    Convice them they're in an elite exclusive club and they'll be like putty in your hands.

    (do not under no circumstances use this against others.)
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    yes... this is great mytake...
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  • Bratsondanielle
    Being successful religious? Lmao yeah just pray some more and go to the church or moske or whatever. Oh yeah and read the book the koran or bibel too. I'm sure you'll be successful religious and god will be happy with you and throw a party with champagne music and hookers when you finally ascend
  • Nalix
    I generally agree. It has to do with how close you are to God, which has relatively little to do with how religious you are, but quite a bit to do with how exactly you are religious. If you focus on helping others and doing good, you are generally close to God. If you pray seeking comprehension rather than as a ritual or to ask for things, that's generally closer. Humility, sincerity, and love are key.
  • JimboGB
    "Why do some people devote their entire lives to God and fail to find him?" Because many people mistake the soul to be their spirit. They seek the pleasure of his grace, not his grace. God is a spirit and we must worship him in spirit.
  • Recommendation: update your question and give your definition of “religious“ (it means different things to different people)
  • Natashakir72
    I'm loving and ethical and I don't believe in the invisible man above the clouds
  • Humility is a very important trait but I'd also say that love is up there too
  • jaju45
    Would you let me know what a successful religion actually mean?
  • OddBeMe
    Actually it’s gullibility. Because faith isn’t needed if you have reasons to believe.
  • zagor
    I didn't think you found out whether you were successfully religious until you died...
  • Sylvanas_Windrunner
    Very epic
  • razzmatazz090
    dumb bitch
  • skunkbeard68
    Sounds like a cult to me.
  • venomhbk1313
    Knowing how to talk on the mic
  • joshtheman
    I'm not reigous.