What I view as witchcraft that others do not

What I view as witchcraft that others do not

Before I became a mature Christian I used to manipulate people into liking me with humour and elegance and vulnerability and expressions of innocence or creative social judgment

I manipulated a doctor and a PhD student among others

And God dealt with me harshly for it

When I was 19 I told a guy I dropped out of English cause I thought it was anti Christian

later his friend found out what I had said and was furious at me for biasing his conscience against Christianity with my careless use of terminology

I realize now what I was trying to articulate but could not authentically express was my view that language had become a vehicle of sensationalism and culture worship and not a vehicle of self expression or organic social and emotional learning

That rather than telling emotional stories that can elevate human consciousness

it has become a means of derogatory fantasy making

both examples as well as the first deal with manipulating

For me whether your manipulating people or ideas or emotions

If your not being truthful and putting your money where your mouth is

Your practicing witchcraft

What I view as witchcraft that others do not
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