My revised and updated view of 666 in the bible

My revised and updated view of 666 in the bible

To me the mark of the beast is the sinners judgment against sin

It is the evil doers hatred for evil

To worship the image of the beast is to worship the zeal of sinners who hate sin

To set up an image for the beast is to set up a false consciousness of egotistic false belief in one’s moral goodness

The 7 heads of the beast are the 7 hostilities to the 7 ungodly dispositions in Deuteronomy

The 10 diadems are the 10 acknowledgements of the 10 commandments not in their true spiritual form but in their biased literal form - the blasphemous name is this false recognition that makes sinners hate other sinners

The mark on the forehead is the fear of evil and the evil fears that come of the world without believing God

The mark on the right hand is the hatred of evil social practice and the act of evil practice

If anybody is to be captured they will be ensnared in psychological pain or bad social situations

If anybody is to be killed they will be persecuted through social rejection or afflicted by psychological or physical chaos

The prostitute is the hypocrite

Those carrying the hatred of evil hate the hypocrite who tries manipulate people with feigned interest in God

The lamb that spoke like a dragon is the false religion that speaks like selfish ambition

The knowledge of evil that was forbidden

now is not forbidden

and will be forbidden again

The healing of the mortal wound means the evil doer does not know he is a hypocrite because he is justified by his own self bias and deceitful sin masking

the inhabitant of the earth is the one who trusts more in measurable material or intellectual things

than an immeasurable moral or spiritual things

the cycle and culture of negative thinking is the mark of the beast

true religion is positive and beneficial and seeks to bless and love and save and forgive

My revised and updated view of 666 in the bible
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