My view on the bible

My view on the bible

If you believe good is more powerful than evil you will be bound and controlled by good

If you believe evil is more powerful than good you will be bound and controlled by what is evil

And if you, while being evil try to bind and control and destroy what is good - you will become the evil that never finds good and becomes more evil than before and than dies in the hell for evil people

This is why it is so important that you choose love and morality and conscience over power and control

Love is the only thing that can conquer hate

Hate cannot conquer hate

My view on the bible
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  • Jjpayne
    These are some wise words
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  • purplepoppy
    But evil people are more successful. They're the ones who get the promotion at work, succeed in job applications, business etc. Nice guys finish last. Over and over here on gag we see the vast majority of women prefer badboys over good guys. Throughout history the world has been shaped by the bad guy who butchered thousands not mr nice. History shows that evil people have always had the nicest things in life.
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  • KaylaD24
    My view on the bible is its a bunch of man made nonsense its just a book it ent real its not hard for me to say i walked on water and other impossiboe things but dont mean im telling the truth all it means is i got a bit of an imagination and decided to write a story about it which the bible is written by a person therefore its just a man made book.
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  • I have no beef with religious people and their beliefs. There is always going to be a vicious never ending battle between good and evil. One cannot exist without the other. They say money is the root to all evil. Well, evil keeps a roof over my family's heads, keeps food on the table, and keeps the lights on.
  • Tobi_Lerone
    Wise words. Even if I personally won't refer to them bible. I'm not religious. I'm mire an atheist, but I hang on nirthern mythology. If someone asks why I tell them "Odin promised to defeat the ice giants to save himanity. I have never seen an ice giant. You?" But at least: what you wrote should be in everyones mind. If he believes in a god or not.
  • jgokgotit
    You summed up the Bible perfectly. Jesus himself tells us that Love is the greatest of the Commandments and that, without Love, one cannot truly obey the Commandments.
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  • jaju45
    But how to determine what is good and what is evil?
    I don't intend to hurt your religious sentiments but I feel that the God mentioned in Bible is jealous of human and he doesn't want human to reach at high levels.
    This makes me question the whole purpose of the holy book because I feel sometimes the human acts evil and sometimes he is treated evil as per the book.
  • Cryptic-Game
    Beautiful views. That's so well pointed out. Good is what we should choose and evil is what we shouldn't choose. We should choose Jesus and not choose Satan.
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  • triff
    While I agree with the majority of information you supplied We also have to remember the old testament wasn't such a peaceful time The wrath of God When the people would not agree with his word He set out clear and concise rules which we came to know as his 10 commandments Adam and Eve were punished for eating the forbidden fruit God flooded the earth as he was cross with the people He saved the animals by letting Noah build his Ark and so and so forth Anyone showing disrespect would face the wrath of god
  • DrippingHoney
    So what does the Bible have to do with any of that?
  • JKingOff
    So if you believe in aliens and UFO's then you'll be bound and controlled by aliens on a UFO for all eternity? What if you believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny? What if you're Jewish? Will you be bound and controlled by Moses for all eternity, and because you refuse to accept Jesus as your lord and savior he won't bother to come help you? My friend is a masochist and believes in BDSM and dominatrixes. He gets bound and controlled every night. You're telling me that you read the whole Bible front to back and that's all you got out of it? No offense meant but maybe you should try audiobooks.
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  • KittyMilk
    Well hate and evil brings in more Ca$h, love conquers all, but with the death of yahshua was the birth of the devil hence the world we live in now it's only been 2020 years
  • SirrVeta
    The bible has been made for control and power, so what is your point?
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  • Gedaria
    Not far wrong. The main point of the Bible is give guidance. Also when Adam and Eve disobeyed God , how God was going to bring things back to how he wanted the earth to be.
    But if you read the book of Job , you will see why there is so much evil in the world, Basically Satan said man is only out for bwhat he can get and will not love and worship God for no gain.
    At the moment people are doing what they want to do just as Satan said but there are people on the earth that will follow God because they love him like a father. Satan is not happy and is trying to get these distroyed. Like he did with Jesus. But and it's a big but when you look at Genesis 3:15 shows that this had to happen.
    At the moment it is a battle of good and evil. How many faithful ones will Satan kill off before God brings a end to it.
  • Chris_u006
    This can only apply on newer religions around the world, which are based on Christianity. And some ancient gods are far more powerful and almighty than Jesus/Jehova. Odin for one example stands above all of the others. What we need to remember about religion is that bad fucked up shit have happened as well in the Vatican state as in the Christian church sects and in every era of "Gods".
    For me love or hate wouldn't matter in the end of life, you could still end up in the place you are afraid of in afterlife.
  • StylesbyDR
    A good fairy tale.
  • Alex_988_2
    • Have you read Bible completely
    • It's a pretty thick book... If they say they have it's probably not true. An it takes time and patience. To do so. An no I haven't read it completely either.