The Hardest part about bible analysis - My personal opinion

The Hardest part about bible analysis - My personal opinion

I’ve evolved

When I first began university at 18 I was very interested in the study of disorders and mental diseases

When I returned to university at 27 my quest for knowledge had shifted into my desire to merge religion with positive psychology

Positive psychology is the study of health and well being where you examine good psychological traits like joy and compassion and inspiration and contentment and curiosity and creativity

Most pastors focus on the negatives

The bible admonition that says stealing is bad means we should interpret generosity as good

The bible teaching that blasphemy is bad means that worship is good

The bible teaching that mockery is bad means that honour is good

The bible teaching that manipulation is bad means that service is good

The teaching that gluttony is bad means joy is good

The teaching that cruelty is bad means that understanding is good

The teaching that corruption is bad means innocence is good

The teaching that pride is bad means that humility is good

The goal of Christianity is not to avoid what is bad but to cultivate what is good

This is why I do not like Jordon Peterson

Some of his ideas are pessimistic and some of his ideas are neutral but none of his ideas are ever celebratory or gracious or happy or innocent

The Hardest part about bible analysis - My personal opinion
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  • Jjpayne
    I agree! You focus on the good! The fruits of the spirit! Against those there is no such law!
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the MHO 😊

  • LemiaOfTheCodes
    Interesting my take thanks for the read
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  • dcblah58
    It may sound like pastors today focus on the negatives on our lives simply because they want to speak to us, not to God. Pastors focus on our evil because we have no good. The only good from us comes from God, which is why most pastors focus on our evil and only at the very end, make invitation of accepting the Lord into our lives to make change. For once the Spirit is in us, the fruits of evil and the Spirit are made obvious (look some where in Galatians 5).
  • RawIronhide
    I know what you are saying Dr. Jordan Peterson uses a style of delivery that is charged with more of an aggression towards suffering. He can sound pessimistic in how he sees parts of reality but you have to understand he's talking to a greater audiance. There's a lot of people who don't buy all the positivity, it actually puts them off. Some people have lost so much hope that they don't even want to get better, why would they? there's aren't many obvious reasons. Dr. Jordan peterson is talking to those people, get you're life in order. He spoke too a deep part of me when I came across his lectures, he woke me up in a lot of ways, made me consider spirituality and religion again. I would urge you to listen to more of him. His expertise is right up your ally and he does touch on those things you mentioned if you pay attention to what he's saying and find different lectures. He's a wealth of knowledge I think.
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  • 90sVibe
    Very interesting perspective and points! I too have gone to school for theology and psychology and although I do like Jordan Peterson, he does have some contradictions to what the Bible teaches. It's amazing how much correlation between the Bible and psychology there is and in depth analysis one can make of people, situations, and events that took place back then. There is so much application for today that truly does stem from it. Although there are some things and principles that I question and think it might be a cultural factor such as physical discipline that the book of Proverbs talks about which contradicts modern western psychology.
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  • MAC1983
    You are so right on so many levels I only have to congratulate you. That's it. Well done!
  • JackSmy
    @jennifer_bloom Jordan Peterson, another "Cult Leader"?
  • jimmy2
    Good approach thank you
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  • Anonymous
    just take it literally not hard

    the hard part is society
    they are stupid
  • Anonymous
    Really liking this post. 👍😊👍 I give it 2 thumbs up.
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