Why understanding the bible is sometimes so difficult

Why understanding the bible is sometimes so difficult

I find for me, discovering the meaning of bible verses came to me accidentally, while reflecting on how my contact never tried to improve herself as a person, I realized salt was a symbol for self-improvement; While realizing that many people liked to listen to my words, I realized light was a symbol for knowledge and revelation; While realizing I can treat God like a husband or lover and not just an abstract idea, I came to the conclusion that salt is also a symbol for submission and while reflecting on how darkness fights light, I came to the conclusion darkness symbolizes resistance and ignorance.

While realizing that some people encouraged good behaviours and others encouraged bad behaviours, I came to the conclusion that fruit is a symbol for encouragement, also while realizing my immoral friends always did less than expected or desired, I realized fruit is also a symbol for benefit.

What I am trying to express here is that my understanding of the bible was conceived by my desire to work religious imperatives and methodologies into my life and that before I developed the motive and Will to serve God, I was not able to discern the meaning of scriptures that I read, so that brings me to the verse I mentioned in the photo: scriptural understanding comes only when your motives for studying scripture are scriptural in themselves and a failure to obey the process will lead to a misapplication of scripture by not applying it in the correct context or situation. This misapplication comes from serving God with the wrong motives or lifestyle.

Why understanding the bible is sometimes so difficult
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  • topramen1565
    Interesting. I don't read the bible but if I do occasionally, I'm always in the book of Proverbs so this gave me some insight. Thank you
    Is this still revelant?

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  • collie22
    meta-fore i get is. The foolish man can never quite attain wisdom. Our father will grant us wisdom if we will only seek it out listen and adsorb from Gods word.
  • Marhaban-1
    I generally looks up the meanings of certain quotes or just think how would God see it in his own eyes
  • marc94
    Because it makes no sense.
  • he-takes-a-part
    Where’s the difficulty?
  • Anonymous
    its not just take it literally