How to be a good Christian

How to be a good Christian

Gandhi had a quote I still remember almost 20 years after reading it

He said the means by which we live have surpassed the means for which we live

Here in politics our desire to defend the values and morals and love we consider dear and sacred to our souls has exceeded our initial commitment to our values and morals and love for ourselves and our society and our God

Anger must not exceed your desire to protect the victimized person who makes you angry because if it does it is no longer a fight based on love but a vile excuse to hate a belittle others

In the same way that a single grain of rice is not enough to feed your belly

So a single positive thought is not enough to feed your soul unless it is based on the infinite measure of God’s love which has no limit

To be a good Christian - focus on love and not on height

Read books about compassion, about heroism, about mercy, about love

Watch poems about brotherhood and unity and kindness

Buy toys for children and babysit them while they laugh and play

Pray for the widowed senior and the disabled person to experience God’s love and spend time when you can

Volunteer at food banks and homeless shelters and humanitarian charities and cancer research societies

Write poems about the beauty and value and dignity of woman or of the labourer or the hard working single mom

Build the confidence of insecure children with encouragement

Write poems

Listen to speeches

Give your time

Give your money

Build your vision for the world. A vision that involves diversity and inclusion and compassion and mercy and freedom and joy and equality and hope and kindness and respect.

How to be a good Christian
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