How I understand the return of the unclean spirit in the book of Luke - bible talk

How I understand the return of the unclean spirit in the book of Luke - bible talk

In the bible an unclean spirit gets driven out of a man and goes throw dry places seeking rest and does not find it and then it says it will return to the house it left.

How I understand the return of the unclean spirit in the book of Luke - bible talk

When it returns it finds the house swept clean and put in order and it brings in seven spirits more wicked then itself to live there with him and the final condition of that man is worse than the first.

This is how it will be with the wicked and adulterous generation.


Dryness is a symbol for fulfillment without satisfaction meaning the unclean spirit was not housed in a room of love

The other thing is some of the evil was driven out of the man but there was a part of the evil that remained


They drove out some of the evil that was in their hearts but once the evil was driven out they failed to replace the left over space with Good

Since they failed to cover the empty places in their soul with good after the evil was driven out in a partial way

The evil that remained festered and became even more evil because there was no Good to prevent the weeds from overtaking the garden and the evil was more angry than it was before

Like cancer that returns resistant to treatment and more aggressive because it wasn't fully removed the first time

When evil is driven out good must come in to take its place because order without love is worse than disorder with love

That is what it means

How I understand the return of the unclean spirit in the book of Luke - bible talk
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  • Erobos412
    It is a Bible passage about attitudes, I you got a bad attitude emotions and misery will follow.

    People say knowledge is power but that not true. It is potential of power. It is the attitude that decides how much of that potential is utilized.

    Unless you face your inner demons and traumas and cope with them the house you live will bring those bad habits and attitude to surface in your mind and drag you down to the abyss of misery.

    There for document, have a journal when why and what context your attitude changed how can you do in the future for that not to happen and derail you from your goals.

    This Luke passage make me think of Plato and socrates quite darn a lot, I suggest you look them up on YouTube and apply stoicism to deal with the problems in your life that you can identify. We all have our problems.

    For the record Christianity is permeated with Socrates and Plato philosophy in a religious lens. In particular Luke and John gospel.
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    no... this is talking about unrepentent secular people... whether they're in the kirk or not... they dont guard their hearts against evil, they just let it acrue and think it's just fine... the media tells them it's ok... or they replace a bad habit with several different ones
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    • Erobos412

      Indeed I agree as well it is a very valid interpretation.

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