What We Can Learn from Luke 20:8 - a Christian Bible Study

What We Can Learn from Luke 20:8 - a Christian Bible Study

I won't repeat the story in the bible here - if you are curious you can read it yourself

Anyway the Pharisees had a problem of jealousy and a desire for control and dominance over others

They were too arrogant to admit they had flaws

And they were too deceitful to admit the virtues of their rival

This blinded them in both spiritual eyes from seeing both the goodness and worthiness of God

And it's why they were not able to see the miraculous power of God that would have enabled them to mimic Jesus and duplicate his miracles and learn from Him

The two common factors in both character traits is their selfishness and greed - greed isn't always a greed for material things - it can involve a greed for attention or for praise and worship

They wanted to replace God with with personal power

So they lost both God and the power with God

What We Can Learn from Luke 20:8 - a Christian Bible Study
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  • Being blinded can even happen in modern day Christianity. It is too easy to fall into traps of self reigiousness and or pride... Among other things...
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  • Trooper205
    Gosh! This was a great thing to hear! We need people like You in this age!
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  • dublin_sexyeyes0
    What a complete load of crap. Its the 21st century and there are still people believing in fairy tales of manipulation.
    • Don't you believe in divine powers? Don't you believe in the existence of satanic powers? Don't you believe that people pray and God answers prayers. I believe in God, the son and the Holy Spirit. I have seen God work miracles in people's lives as well as mine. I know of someone that God killed of cancer and restored her womb (if you want details I can provide)... where doctors failed, God's power was seen. A friend of mine once asked me to believe as she prayed for me. I got cured of tonsillitis after she asked me to take a shower. Even the headache was gone. Also remember in 2018, i had a terrible accident, was walking with crutches. A man met me at campus, never asked for details but told me that in 3 days I was going to see what God would do. He never touched me or even prayed for me. At that point I had used crutches for 2 months, always waking up each morning in pain and spending over 5 minutes crying in pain. I remember going to bed that night thinking about the man. Woke up in the morning, didn't cry, got up easily. Used my crutches to go to campus and could feel a great change. In the afternoon I asked a friend of mine to help me hold one walking stick. I forced myself to walk with one but it was really hard. Day 2, i went back to using 2. Day 3, i called asked my mom to take one of the sticks home. She thought it was too soon but I convinced her. 1 months later, I was limping but not needing any stick. God is real and I can give you more 10 incident God did wonders. God has also spoken to me through dreams each time I fast and that's every night. I usually fast for one week and each night he spoke to me about so many things. Each time, I fast, I ask God to speak to me only through dreams and he does. God has audibly spoken to people as they are praying. But I prefer the dreams. If you seek God, you will find him

    • Dublin must be careful and tread lightly because the Lord Jesus is no fairy tale nor manipulator. He's our TRUE SAVIOR. Bethmelan I enjoyed your feedback 😀 .

    yeah, the selfrightous in any context... especiallly in the ways of God are heretical in practice with understanding of the things JESUS said and the way he did things
  • Bethmelan123
    The whole NT humbles me and always want to imitate Jesus'character. Its amazing how Jesus always knew of the Pharisees traps and mind. He always left these teachers of the law angry and disappointed because they could not charge him for anything.
    To me Like 20:8, is a verse that speaks wisdom to me. Always ask the Holy Spirit to give you knowledge and filter what the flesh would say from the spirit. You will always get people that wish to offend you in your Christian journey. How do you respond? The Holy Spirit will guide you
  • korey182
    hmm it's okay but i'll always mostly like Matthew 21:17
  • Aw shoot bible study, hell yeah
  • BlacqueSupaMane
    Preach it good stuff here. Don't stop