How I understand bible craziness in scripture

How I understand bible craziness in scripture

To me the things in the bible that sound like nonsense are allegories and symbols and examples of greater truths

They are not to be taken literally

As an example - When Jacob says the eyes of Judah are darker than wine - It means his vision is more restrictive than worship

When Moses says you shall not boil a goat in its mother’s milk - it means don’t bait people with situations you know they will be too biased to handle

When Jesus said do not give dogs what is sacred, it means do not share spiritual opportunities with desolate hearts who will oppose and mock what you have to say

When David said break the arm of the wicked - it means destroy the abilities of the greedy

When Solomon said water from a distant land is refreshing it means your compassion and understanding can be extremely useful to somebody who has never experienced what you have

When Isaiah says instead of wood I will bring you bronze It means you will do soul work and not emotional or physical work

The bible is allegorical

How I understand bible craziness in scripture
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