Seven Progressive Personality Cleanses By God

Seven Progressive Personality Cleanses By God

In the bible God promises to drive out these seven nations if you study and reflect and pursue His commandments

Lets have a hypothesis about what they could mean

1. The Hittite sons of terror are a symbol for those who commit religious idolatry which can take the form of bigotry or racism or pastor worship or doctrinal delusion

2. The Girgashites are clay dwellers and symbolize petty and fretful people who over react to minor grievances and forget the big picture by focusing too much on the little details. They are a symbol for social jealousy and religious possessiveness.

3. The Amorites are renowned mountain people and a symbol for those at the upper crust of society who seek to exploit the weaker and profit at the expense of the unsuspecting faithful, they are the manipulators.

4. The Canaanites are lowland people and they are a symbol for those who are cynical and pessimistic in their evaluation of others and they exclude those who are different from themselves due to their desire to maintain and protect the status quo. They are those who condemn and drive out others.

5. The Perezzites are villagers and like the Philistines they represent a counter religious cultural system where human value is surveyed through biased social views and collaborative group ethos and collective social rigours. They represent those with contaminated vision and corrupted judgment.

6. The Hivites or direct villagers represent the hypocrites who care more about social context than they do about moral foundation. They are those who deceive both others and themselves by refusing to evaluate people according to unbiased and judicious standards.

7. The Jebusites or threshers function as an allegorical symbol for social dominance. They are the egotistical proud who seek to elevate themselves by lowering the value of those around them and are a symbol for proud.

In Summary, when you obey God or meditate and reflect on obedience, God cleanses you from

1. The sin of religious idolatry

2. The sin of controlling possessiveness

3. The sin of exploitive manipulation

4. The sin of judgmental social exclusivism

5. The sin of religious bigotry

6. The sin of double hearted hypocrisy

7. The sin of prideful egotism

The end result being you become innocent and compassionate and gracious and forgiving and loving and simple hearted

That is why it’s important to focus on God’s ideals and values - it purifies and elevates the soul

Seven Progressive Personality Cleanses By God
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  • Jjpayne

    It's refreshing to connect the names the bible with practical application, thank you :)

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  • 20yearsolder

    If you believe that kind of thing. Just think how gullible people were back in the day, if you had the ability to time travel and be of magician back in biblical times, you would have been a king or considered a God

    • 💯% accuracy. Nail in the head precision

    • @Chris_u006 yes. Time travel. Good thing we got that down nowadays. How did wwe do without that I don't know

    • You missed the point, maybe Jesus Christ was an early magician, all the dumbasses fell for his tricks

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  • purplepoppy

    So it doesn't matter if you live in a town (clay) or the countryside, up a mountain or on flat ground, gods got a grudge against you.

  • OddBeMe

    Sounds like you’re judging civilizations.

  • Anonymous

    Lady. Do. You. Have. A. Man. If. Not. You. Need. One.