How to cleanse yourself from sin without decades of hard work - bible reference here

How to cleanse yourself from sin without decades of hard work - bible reference here

Jesus says when you give alms that are within you to the poor that all will be clean for you

This means your heart and soul and spirit and mind and body and past deeds will be thoroughly cleaned out and you will have no contamination whatsoever

It also means you will not be in danger of being corrupted by the world

It might even suggest that God will remove bacteria and sickness from you or emotional or mental disorder

Its important to remember however that you need not only purity but also productivity to be in right standing with God along with all the sacrifices that come with living a responsible and compassionate life

Its also important to note that poverty is not always financial or medical but could be intellectual or visual or cultural or social or emotional or moral or spiritual

If you want to receive the full rewards of showing grace to the poor you must be gracious with all forms of poverty and not just the kind that you romanticize and idealize in your mind

Not all disabled people are honourable and virtuous and good looking

Not all poor people are secret undiscovered and hardworking saints

Are you will to condone and protect the average disadvantaged Joe?

And not just your coterie of elite apostles who hide among the homeless and downtrodden?

Your attitude towards poor people determines whether God will cleanse you from sin

And if your not compassionate or gracious - no amount of productivity will save you from the wrath of God

I know severely hard working misers that were punished for their lack of grace

There is no substitute for charity - itโ€™s the most powerful force in the world

How to cleanse yourself from sin without decades of hard work - bible reference here
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  • Jjpayne

    That's a good lesson! Helping the poor, helps us to heal from our sin faster. Awesome life hacks! :)

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  • WhiteGlaze

    Why does Jesus go around calling everyone who's doing something wrong fools? Oh right cuz he's the only one that can get away with it. Cuz he's only perfect. Kinda feel like thats inspired a lot of Christians to just yell at people that they're going to hell. Trying to scare them into devotion as thats what the Bible promotes.

    • We're supposed to fear God and everyone who doesn't is a fool. Fear is so special in the Bible it seems. God is perfect because he works a bit like Wizard Tyrant. Except he's Holy because he doesn't force anyone to have sex with him or have as many selfish tendencies as humans do.

  • kamalravi25

    I believe u cannot cleanse urself from your sins.
    No matter how many good deeds u do once u haved sinned it can never be undone.
    The only way is to never commit any.
    Don't worry even the greatest of great sinners were forgiven by god.