This is the best way to receive Blessings from God

This is the best way to receive Blessings from God

The bible says those who share water receive water

So if you want God to bless you can do it by blessing others

Pray for those who are suffering

Build the confidence of those who have low self esteem

Calm those who are anxious

Counsel those who have relationship problems

Encourage those who feel overwhelmed

Sympathize with those who are sad

Teach teenagers life skills like passing an interview or cooking a healthy meal

Offer companionship to those who are lonely

Write letters of appreciation to those who do things for you

Compliment older people as a sign of respect

Hug your family or friends or boyfriend

Make scrap books or crafts for your friends - if you can’t afford it create a digital copy

Listen to your friends when they are stressed out and act as their supporter

Share your knowledge and experience with those who could benefit from your history

Tell a joke to boost somebody’s mood

Smile when you see somebody walk down the street to boost their faith in the world

There are many free ways to be kind that do not require too much sacrifice

And what you offer others God will give to you

This is the best way to receive Blessings from God
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  • Jjpayne

    Totally agree! Supporting others is one of my major meanings in life. To love my neighbor as myself

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  • collie22

    nice list you have there.. doing it Gods way and be thankful

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  • genericname85

    by getting shit done yourself, cause god doesn't do shit. work for your success and you'll bless yourself. you can still delude yourself into thinking god did it after the fact, if you so choose.

  • Calgarydirty69

    screw religion, it's bad, too many wars have started over religion

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